That buzzzz sound is there for a reason!

12 March 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Heroes are coming back from the battlefields, surrounded by the viscid, sweet smell and with thoughtful gazes. Dryad and Dendromonster are shaking their branches twice a day, making little pranksters fall down.

And Fay’s tiny fairies are aggressively fighting with stinging and agile insects. Where did those come from and in those numbers?

Fairy Queen, offended by her servants’ misbehavior, told you something others decided to keep in secret: a new Hero is close to the Primezone! That’s where that buzzing swarm came from, along with the sweet smell you felt incoming from the Heroes. They simply don’t think twice about meeting the new acquaintance one more time after a hard day full of fights!

You decided that you can’t miss an opportunity to see the newcomer, and, protected by the guardian fairies, you went in the direction of the new Hero’s dislocation. The evening passed in the blink of an eye thanks to different jokes of the charming host and his secret drinks.

— So, — the Hero (and you had no doubt that he is a Hero anymore) slyly squinted, — jokes aside, you came here for a reason, didn’t you? Let’s have a deal — if you guess the type of weapon I am fighting with, I will serve you for free!

New Hero!

While the Hero is busy with the last of his doings, which must make his secret recipe perfect, you can try to unravel one of his other mysteries: the unusual weapon he uses to fight off his enemies!

As the tradition goes, first 5 Lords or Ladies who will guess what weapon the new Hero fights with will receive the Hero for free the day he is released in the game!

Please note! Entries can be submitted only under this news post until 12 p.m. UTC+3 March 18.

If you leave your guesses under any other post on any social media platform, those entries won’t get counted in.

Don’t miss such an opportunity!

Always yours,
Prime World Team