Cave of Wonders

07 March 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Due to the weird turn of events, Heroes are always there, where swords collide, or ancient treasures are waiting to be found. Well, maybe the turn of the events isn’t weird at all if you think about it under a certain angle...

A special task!

In order to help Lords and Ladies not to get bored during the Off-Season, we are launching a special task with peculiar, mega-rewards for its completion! They are as valuable (or even more valuable) as the rewards you could have obtained for actively playing during a month of a Season.

Let’s begin!

From 12 p.m. UTC+3 March 7 and until 12 p.m. UTC+3 April 1 (no, it is not a joke, lads!) a global quest will be available at your Castles. Its conditions are pretty familiar to you - a few tasks you need to complete in order to receive all rewards in one global quest.





Kill 4000 soldiers in the Borderlands

  •  Absolute Dominance talent, already upgraded to 7 stars!
  • 5 legendary chests, which is equal to receiving 15 legendary talents, already upgraded to 5 and more stars!  
  • 150 Prime Crystals
  Make 200 kills in the Borderlands
  Provide 200 assists in the Borderlands
  Slay 40 Kittons/FireDrakes in the Borderlands (only 3 per battle are counted)
  Gather 1 000 000 Prime in the Borderlands

Off-Season is the best time to prepare for a new Season!

Always yours,
Prime World Team