Season system changes first announcement

05 March 2019


Not so long ago the Season of Dragons ended, and Off-Season took over Praya, which made many players excited. As we wrote before, Off-Season is no more than a small pause we need to rework the Seasons system to make it more interesting, understandable and fair.

!Rating, talents, crystals and other rewards received during the Off-Season won’t be taken away from you, but at the same time, they won’t be counted in when the new Season begins!

Today we begin unraveling thrilling details about the updated Seasons system: in particular, what will make it different from the old one.

Season activity counter rework

We would like to remind you that we announced that we are heading for an increase in rewards for in-game activity in spring 2018, and we are continuing to follow this path.

Yet the Seasons system has not always corresponded to this course, since the rewards you got at the end of the Seasons were bound to Heroes’ ratings, and not to your in-game activity, which is not the same in many cases. That’s why it was crucial for us to change the Season activity system and the way players receive rewards for achievements in Seasons.


Now the rewards you receive (except for the Season frames) will be depending only on your in-game activity!

No rating, no worries about your Hero being dragged to low ranks, and even no questions about how the rewards are being given.

Here is an explanation of how it will work in the upcoming Seasons:

  • During the Season, the player will be receiving special Season points in rewards for each battle. They can also be obtained as rewards for completing quests and in different events. These points will become the measure of your activity in the game.
  • They will be filling up the Season progress bar and can be used for exchange in a special shop with an assortment which will not leave you indifferent!
  • By filling the bar completely, the player will receive rewards equal to those players received for reaching Gold League in the old Seasons System.

Season rewards receipt mechanic

Let us introduce you the change which absolutely any player will love - the change in Season rewards receipt mechanic!

Given the fact that the achievements will now be tied not to the rating, but directly to the activity shown in the game, the Season rewards will be given to you not after the end of the Season, but immediately after reaching a certain number of points.


So, as soon as you reach the necessary progress point, you will immediately obtain your rightful reward!

And, of course, those of you who want to fight for the title of the best Lord or Lady in Praya, we will leave a few top positions. Those, who reach them, will receive generous rewards!

*We will tell you about the rewards and the Season shop assortment in more detail in future announcements.

A new tab at the full-screen UI

In order to make the Seasons more understandable and comfortable for you, we moved them to a new separate tab at the full-screen UI.


This will help you keep track of your progress, make plans and redeem items of your desire from the Season shop without leaving the Castle or not trying to remember how much time is left until the end of the Season!

Future of the rating system

Along with the global Seasons system rework, we can’t leave such a delicate topic as seasonal rating drop untouched.

Since Season rewards and achievements are now depending on in-game activity only, it is logical that the fairest option will be the abandonment of the seasonal rating drop concept.

Rating will remain an indicator of a player’s skills relative to a particular Hero and a display of progress over the entire period of time. While the flag, skin, and etc. will be indicators of activity in a particular season.

Yet not everyone may find this concept a good option, since seasonal rating drop helped make ranks not so ‘sticky’ and freshen them up a bit.

That’s why we would like to hear you out about this matter. What do you think of the decision we came up with? Do you have any other ones? There are a few concepts we are thinking through at the moment, and we will go after the one we think our players will enjoy the most.

And are you waiting for the Seasons system to change?

Always yours,
Prime World dev team