Winter metamorphosis: Freeze

28 February 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The dragons’ visit left no inhabitant of Praya indifferent. Even the climate itself changed due to it. The fire left by the dragons was so hot that the cold began to retreat, leaving space for the blooming spring to come.

Winter didn’t want to pass the crown of seasons to her sister, Spring. What is more, she didn’t want the natural balance to swing in an unusual direction. To make everything at least a little bit fairer, she called her champion, Freeze, out. With her last breath, she gave him new powers, which will allow him to fight even more fearlessly even when it is not cold around.

New class talents!

Freeze’s talents can cool even the most furious enemies down. Rapidly gliding across the battlefield, he easily overtakes any enemy, and his ice armor saves him even in the most dangerous fights.

Icy Destruction

  • By choosing this upgrade, Freeze will receive even more power over his enemies. Frigid Onslaught will stun his foes for 0,2 longer, and the damage this ability deals will increase by 25%.

Firmness of Ice

  • If you are used to fearlessly chasing the enemy relying on your frost armor, this upgrade is for you! As soon as it is learned, Spawn of Ice will absorb 15% of damage dealt for each stack, and the shield will hold up to 9 seconds longer.


New class talents upgrades are already waiting for you in your Libraries. As always, they are made to be put into the 5th row.


Only one of the class talents upgrades can be used per build.

Always your,
Prime World Team