First breath of Spring!

27 February 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The end of the winter was filled with different activities. Even the Off-Season is not a reason for the Heroes to rest! Massive interest in alchemy left no place for boredom: Heroes are diligently fighting for reagents, which can be spotted around even more often lately, and Lords and Ladies are creating new collectible talents with their help.

After the snow and ice melted down due to the heat of the dragons’ fire, treasures showed up in the most unexpected places: Prime and Legendary Crystals; Golden Age, which doubles the rewards you receive, including reagents; rare white runes and legendary chests, which have 3 legendary talents inside of each one!

First breath of Spring!

From now on, you are able to begin completing tasks of the new quest chain. Beat it and receive great rewards!





Destroy 10 towers in the Borderlands (only 2 per battle are counted)

15 Prime Crystals

  Kill 500 soldiers in the Borderlands 

1 day of Golden Age

  Provide 30 assists

15 Legendary Crystals

  Gather 1500 achievement points in the Borderlands

15 White Runes

  Win 3 times in the Borderlands 

3 legendary chests with talents, already upgraded up to 5 and more stars

Quest chain can be completed only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 March 5, - hurry up to collect all the rewards!

Please note!

Each new task will unlock as soon as the previous one is completed. This way, you will be able to complete the whole chain in one day.

Always yours,
Prime World Team