Praya’s Defender Day

22 February 2019

Fearless Lords and Ladies!

Your subjects admire your Heroes’ and Heroines’ epic deeds, and the way you repel all the enemy attacks leaves no place to doubt your strategist skill. Folk writes songs about such a brave and powerful defender, and the stories about your heroism travel all around the world.

Today, as a reward for the dedication shown in countless battles, there are gifts from your loyal subjects waiting for you in the Castles, and new challenges — in the Borderlands.

Gifts for all players!

Let us begin the celebration with rewarding you!


Each player, who enters the game until 12 p.m. UTC+3 February 25, will receive pleasant gifts:

  • 55 reagents
  • One day of Golden Age
  • Destroyer's Might legendary talent, already upgraded up to 7 stars!

Protect your Lordship’s borders!

Enemies do not rest even during holidays.

True defenders can show their valor both to their foes and their allies, and, of course, enjoy valuable rewards that can be received in battle!





Kill 200 soldiers in the Borderlands

2 Legendary Crystals

  Drink 10 potions in the Borderlands (only 5 per battle are counted in)

3 Legendary Crystals

  Deal 23000 damage to enemy Heroes in the Borderlands

5 Legendary Crystals

  Raise 15 flags in the Borderlands (only 5 per battle are counted in)

10 Legendary Crystals

  Win 2 battles in the Borderlands

Legendary chest with 3 talents, upgraded from 5 up to 7 stars!

The quest chain will be active until 12 p.m. UTC+3 February 25. Each next stage will become available to you as soon as you complete the previous one. This way, you will be able to beat all of the tasks in one day!

Celebrate Praya Defender’s Day with your fellow Heroes and Heroines!

Always yours,
Prime World Team