Winter metamorphosis: Blade Master/Sesha

21 February 2019

Lords and Ladies!

A blurred silhouette was passing through the darkness of the forest. Blade Master set off for a night hunt around his lands yet once again. In the shadow of the magical dragon’s fire, his body looked even more terrifying. Fire lights danced on his scales in a mysterious ritual. When they faded, Blade Master felt that he possessed some new powers.

New class talents!

Fearless Blade Master is always among the first to rush into the middle of the fight. His fast-paced blows can kill enemies in a blink of an eye, and his scales protect him from foes’ attacks.

Toxic Throw

  • By choosing this upgrade, Blade Master will make his dash poisonous. After the talent improvement is learned, the targets he hits will receive 3 poison effects. What is more, Insidious Poison will deal 50% more damage!

Snake's Resilience

  • With this upgrade, Blade Master’s scales will become firmer. Damage, received from enemy talents, will get reduced by 15%.


New class talents upgrades are already waiting for you in your Libraries. As always, they are made to be put into the 5th row.


Only one of the class talents upgrades can be used per build.

Always yours,
Prime World Team