Master of Alchemy!

07 February 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Alchemy is one of the most mysterious and attractive sciences. In its secrets, the foundations of the universe and unlimited possibilities for giving habitual objects new properties are stored.

Experienced alchemists, who have mastered their craft to perfection, are comparable in their art to wizards. After all, with the help of their reagents, they are able to make miracles happen, changing the matter to their desires.

Doctrine, willing to share her knowledge and experience in her beloved craft, decided to teach all who are ready to learn the secrets of her art. The most diligent and lucky students will receive many valuable prizes, including new collectible talents, as a reward for their work!

Master of Alchemy

The new event will work the same way other events at the full-screen UI worked.

Starting with today, something new was added to the rewards for battles — mysterious reagents. Same as in the previous promotions, the number of rewards you get depends on your achievements in battles. The more of them, the higher the chance to see reagents among your rewards.

If Golden Age is active on your account, the number of reagents you get will double, and the same goes for their drop chance.

You can check out how many reagents you’ve already collected and use them to receive different valuables at the full-screen UI, in the 11.12 Update Promotions tab. Master of Alchemy event is divided into two parts:


1. Collect 20 reagents, mix them together and obtain one of the following rewards:

  • 3/5/10 Prime Crystals
  • 1/3/5 Legendary Crystals
  • 10/20/30/40/50/60 Crystal Shards
  • Alchemist Inspiration talent
  • Alchemist Perseverance talent
  • Alchemist Outsight talent
  • Alchemist Audacity talent
  • Alchemist Resistance алхимика talent
  • Alchemist Zeal talent
  • Alchemist Help talent

2. And by mixing 40 reagents and one of the Master of Alchemy set talents together, you will be able to improve the talent you already own. But be careful - alchemy can be pretty unpredictable….

  • Chest with a talent from Master of Alchemy set, already upgraded up to 7 stars
  • Chest with a talent from Master of Alchemy set, already upgraded up to 6 stars
  • Chest with a talent from Master of Alchemy set
  • Chest with Prime Crystals (from 50 to 70 Crystals inside)
  • Chest with Legendary Crystals (from 30 to 50 Crystals inside)
  • Bag with 30 reagents
  • Bag with 50 reagents

Doctrine is ready to teach you a few lessons, so don’t test her patience and gather all the necessary reagents to start the experiments. You will be able to study alchemy only until March 4, so hurry up to collect all the talents from the new subset!

Become Praya’s greatest alchemist!

Always yours,
Prime World Team