Collectible weekend at the Fair!

25 January 2019

Lords and Ladies!

What a week, what a week! The Heroes of Praya had so much to do: obtain the treasure, get down the cave to find some rare valuables...

But what the Heroes love the most, is to receive the talents of their desire in battles!

It gets even better if there is a sale at the Talent Collection!The inhabitants of the Castle are helping them the way they can. Some feed them with some nice food, some make their swords sharper than ever, and others just cheer them up. But the ones to stand out today are the merchants!

Collectible weekend at the Fair!

For 3 days, from 12 p.m. UTC+3 January 25 and until 12 p.m. UTC+3 January 28 — Collectible weekend is in full bloom at the Fair! Obtain all the talents you need to complete your collection!


  • All talents at the Fair! Including those, where are unobtainable during usual times*.
    *Except for the Heart's Desire subset
  • -50% off discount on all talents: both exclusive (6-12 Prime Crystals instead of 12-24) and legendary ones (25-40 Prime Crystals instead of 55-80)*
    *The discount is not applied to the recently added set - Legendary Aspects

‘Dress’ your Heroes in the builds of your dreams twice cheaper and easier!



  • Legendary set and exclusive set chests! Special sign in the center of the chest will help you see which set the talent inside of it belongs to.


    • -40% off discount on exclusive chests (30-45 Prime Crystals)!
    • -30% off discount on legendary chests (70-105 Prime Crystals)!



  • Jackpot during the action! The Crystal Shards, especially desirable at the moment, are waiting for you at the Fair!
  • And, of course, assortment renewal temporarily costs 500 Silver, and the slots you’ve already purchased from do not burn out!

Missing a couple of certain talents? Pay a visit to the Fair!

Always yours,
Prime World Team