Lottery and a quest chain!

21 January 2019

Lords and Ladies!

While travelling in Praya, you can stumble upon many different surprises. Most of them are rather dangerous, of course.

But those wanderers, who are prepared and careful enough to avoid all dangers, will find generous rewards. And today, an intelligence squad spotted an abandoned cave, where myriads of crystals and a magic artifact are waiting for those, who are eager to capture them! And the latest will even grant the luckiest adventurers a chance to win one of 100 super prizes!

Abandoned cave!

From today on, the first task from a special chain become available. By completing the whole set of quests, you will be able to replenish you crystal stocks - both Prime ones and Legendary ones!




  Kill 150 Touched in the Borderlands 3 Legendary Crystals
  Make 15 kills in the Borderlands 1 Legendary Crystal

Drink 15 potions (no more than 5 per fight) in the Borderlands

5 Prime Crystals


Slay 5 Kittons/Fire Drakes (no more than 2 per fight) in the Borderlands

1 Legendary Crystals

Win 1 battle in the Borderlands

2 Legendary Crystals + 7 Prime Crystals

The quest chain will be available until 12 p.m. UTC+3 January 28, so hurry up to complete all the tasks!

Each next task will get available right after you complete the previous one, meaning you are able to complete all the objectives in one game session.


Those players, who will complete the quest chain, will gain a chance to win one of 100 super prizes. The selection of winners will be completely random, there are no additional conditions for participating in the lottery. Just complete the quest chain and voila! You are already in the contestant list :)

Let’s shed some light on the lottery’s super prizes:

  10 lucky lads will receive a legendary chest with a talent, upgraded up from 5 stars and above!
  15 players will win one talent from the Legendary Aspects set

25 Lords or Ladies will receive one skin of their choice (from those which are available in the game usually)


25 players will receive 20 Legendary Crystals


25 participants will receive 35 Prime Crystals

Replenish your stocks and get a chance to win a super prize!

Always yours,
Prime World Team