Legendary battles!

18 January 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The battles never stop in Praya. Restless Heroes are risking their lives every day by fighting enemy soldiers, monstrous Touched and, of course, other Heroes. Sometimes the battles do not only help them gain combat experience but also grant them great rewards. Some of them can even be legendary!

Legendary battles!

Complete all the global quest’s tasks until 12 p.m. UTC+3 February 4 and receive legendary rewards!





Destroy 30 Towers in the Borderlands (no more than 2 per battle are counted)

  • 100 Legendary Crystals
  • 3 Legendary Chests with talents upgraded from 5 stars and above
  • 3 Legendary Chests with talents from the Age of Legends set upgraded from 5 stars and above

Kill 3.000 soldiers in the Borderlands


Drink 100 potions (no more than 5 per battle are counted)


Collect 10.000 achievement points in the Borderlands

Please note!

  • This is not the usual chain of quests, but one big quest, divided into several tasks. You need to complete all the tasks in order to get the prize. Also, you can complete several points from the tasks at once in one battle - for example, destroy 2 Towers,  drink 3 potions and collect 200 achievement points - all these achievements will be taken into account in the quest.
  • If you change the language the game runs in, the quest progress will get wiped!

Don’t miss the legendary rewards!

Always yours,
Prime World Team