11.11.4 Update

16 January 2019

Lords and Ladies!

11.11.4 update is installed on our servers, and the Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!

Holidays are over

The time never stops: Christmas and New Year holidays are over, and the festive New Year tree has been taken away from the Castle, and Kitton and Fire Drake have decided they are tired of snow and melted it away from their lairs.

Heart’s Desire

New Year promotion is the full-screen UI has come to its end. Tangerines will not appear in the daily quests or rewards per battles no more. All the remaining fruits will turn into talents, very effective for upgrading other talents (no more than 1000 talents can be obtained).


Mischievous Chronicle managed to understand how the time streams work a little better and finally received her alternative ultimate.


  • Upon use, Chronicle’s alternative ultimate ability will slow the world’s time down by 33% for 8 seconds.
  • Not only the Heroes’ speed will get affected, but also the Toched’s. Even casting talents will take longer, and auto-attacks among with spells “flight” won’t be as fast as usual. The effect applies to all Heroes - both allies and foes, - except for Chronicle herself. The Heroine will not slow down even a little bit, granting her a huge advantage in speed.

For all time

  • Ultimate’s upgrade will passively increase Heroine’s Stamina or Will by 4-58, whatever the greater (depending on Strength).


Fixed an issue, which did not allow a part of players to enter the battle after losing connection.

Always yours,
Prime World Team