For the whole month of January, additional stage in daily quests!

14 January 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Cunning Assassin and prankish Whisp went playing hide and seek this morning. And, while exploring the surrounding forests in search of the best and inconspicuous shelter, they were surprised to find numerous Legendary Crystals and Crystal Shards everywhere! Of course, they had to report about this pleasant accident to their Lord or Lady.

Аdditional stage in daily quests!

For the whole month, until 12 p.m. UTC+3 February 3, daily quests will be even more beneficial!

An additional stage will be temporarily added to them, bringing great rewards for those who complete all the tasks. The conditions of completing tasks will remain the same, yet the reward will make you a lot happier!

  Additional stage 2 Legendary Crystals + 10 Crystal Shards

Even the huge Saturday quest will have an additional stage for 2 weeks, allowing you to fill your Treasuries with great bounty!

  Additional stage 7 Legendary Crystals + 30 Crystal Shards

Collect all the bonus rewards!

Always yours,
Prime World Team