Twice more rewards!

11 January 2019

Lords and Ladies!

This night, in the skies of Praya something absolutely unbelievable happened. An unprecedented starfall was lighting the sky with bright lights until the morning. And the court astrologers saw a good omen in a bizarre dance of the heavenly bodies: for the whole weekend, rewards received for each battle will be doubled. This means that you can get even more valuable crystals and resources than usual!

Bright tangerines were not left aside. During the passed month, their numbers grew rapidly, allowing you to receive more and more prizes in the Heart's Desire promotion. Unfortunately, all the good things once come to their end, and so does this event.

So, the last weekend before its finish, we are doubling the number of tangerines you will receive in fights! For 3 days only, you will be able to receive twice more juicy prizes!

Twice more rewards!


Until 12 p.m. January 14, the number of rewards you’ll get in PvP-mode is increased!

  • x2 crystals, resources, and experience for each PvP-fight*
  • x2 tangerines in reward per battle
  • and with Golden Age - x4 rewards!
*fights in Challenges and Training modes are not counted in

Hurry up to harvest the last tangerines in this season!

Always yours,
Prime World Team