New Year Fair!

29 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Down the snow-covered road, through the snowstorm and rough weather, a decorated cart is riding at full speed. Full of the best goods, available at special, festive prices, it makes the best of its way to your Castles.

Please welcome! Long-awaited New Year Fair and special, festive chests!

New Year chests!

Even today you can find interesting chests, enchanted with Prime and covered with joyful fairy lights and New Year stars. The chests are said to be the ones that Frost Magician and Snowmaiden bring on the New Year night as the clock strikes midnight!

However, Chronicle (this girl just cannot sit still!) has played around with time and – as the first subparagraph of the third rule ‘On the existence of the exact duplicates upon the closure of the spirals of space-time continuum’ suggests… Well, these are just unnecessary details. Make a long story short, merchants’ storages are already filled with the New Year chests!

Of course, the festive chests are called so for a reason: their content is also quite… festive!


Open such chest and receive:

  • 2 or 3 legendary talents already upgraded to 5 or more stars

In accordance with the magic holiday laws, one of the talents will always be upgraded up to 7 stars! Besides, unlike the usual chests, the festive ones might contain collectible talents (from ‘Blinding Glory’ and ‘Pirate Adventures’ subsets) and even talents from the new, recently released set – ‘Legendary Aspects’!

  • Valuable resources

Also, in addition to talents, you might get from 25 to 300 crystal shards, 50-75 mandarins, 3-30 legendary crystals, between 5 and 50 Prime Crystals… And even various combinations of these resources!

  • The most fortunate players can get hold of Champion's Rune!

The festive chests are available at a truly New Year price – despite such significant product expansion and the high quality of gifts, it is almost the same as the price for standard chests: between 100 and 180 Prime Crystals!

New Year Fair!

For 6 full days, from 12:00 (UTC+3) the 29th of December till 12:00 (UTC+3) the 3rd of January the New Year Fair will be in your Castles!

  • New Year chests with special, festive contents;
  • All exclusive talents, including collectible subset ‘Terrible Time’ and ‘Spinner’ talents, are on the shelves;
  • All legendary talents, including such old favorites as ‘axes’, ‘blink’, ‘fireflies’ and many others, are on the shelves.
  • Even collectible talents - ‘Blinding Glory’, ‘Collector’s Habits’ and ‘Pirate Adventures’ - have appeared on the shelves: ‘Blinding Glory’, ‘Collector’s Habits’ and ‘Pirate Adventures’!
  • 50% discount for legendary talents (now you can exchange legendary talents for 27-40 Prime Crystals, instead of usual 55-80) * and exclusive talents (a legendary talent now costs only 6-12 Prime Crystals, instead of usual 12-24)

*The discount does not refer to the latest set – ‘Legendary Aspects’

  • Jackpot with Champion’s Rune and Silver!

However, during the action, your chances of getting a jackpot at the Fair are lower than during the non-action period.

  • Legendary Crystal placers on the shelves!

In addition to standard offers such as ‘1 Legendary Crystal in exchange for 2 Prime Crystals’ and ‘1 Legendary Crystal in exchange for Silver’, now at the Fair you,  will find packs of 3 and 5 Legendary Crystals!

The more Legendary Crystals are in the pack, the better deal you get!
See for yourself:

  • 1 Legendary Crystal = 2 Prime Crystals
  • 3 Legendary Crystals = 5 Prime Crystals
  • 5 Legendary Crystals = 8 Prime Crystals

And the most pleasant news: renewal of assortment will  cost just 1 silver! And, as it is always done during the actions at the Fair: the slots you purchase from will not burn out!

New Year is coming… Or has it already come?

Always yours,
Prime World Team