Double rewards!

29 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Charming Christmas Cracker has already become a friend to everyone in the Castle. She decided to decorate the Lord’s house herself, and now you are able to find New Year presents under the New Year tree, and the magic smell of tangerines and fir-needles is all over the place. What is more, thanks to her amazing skill to persuade absolutely anyone, Christmas Cracker made the merchants announce the long-awaited sale!

But that still wasn’t enough. Christmas Cracker just had to make everything as magical as possible. She thought that daily quests should bring more joy to her Lord, and asked all the nobles to raise the rewards for completing their tasks!

New Year Presents!

Dear players! Thank you for being and playing with us. We wish you a Happy New Year! Let it bring you joy and happiness. We’ll see you on the battlefields in 2019.


Enter the Castle anytime before the 5th of January and get New Year presents!

  • 1 day of the Golden Age
  • 100 tangereens
  • and a special New Year Chest!

Double rewards!

Thanks to Christmas Cracker’s diligence, rewards for completing daily quests are doubled until January 9!


Meaning that you will be able to receive the following rewards daily:

  • 1st stage — 2 Legendary Crystals
  • 2nd stage — 2 Legendary Crystals and 6 Prime Crystals
  • 3rd stage — 10 Prime Crystals and one of the following rewards:
    • Either 50 000 Silver
    • Or 40 000 of each type of resources
    • Or 6 exclusive talents
    • Or 20 special talents, which are effective at upgrading talents

What is more, even the huge Saturday quest’s reward is doubled! This and next week you will be able to receive 20 Legendary Crystals and 30 Crystal shards.

Collect all festive rewards!

Always yours,
Prime World Team