New Year Eve’s surprises

27 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Christmas and New Year holidays is the best time both for making fireworks and winning on the battlefields. But first you have to prepare everything and decorate the Castle!

New Year Tree!

Following the snow that covered Kitton’s and furious Fire Drake’s liars, long-awaited holiday tree comes to your Castles.


Every 8 hours a present will be waiting for you under the New Year tree: 2 legendary crystals (even 4, if you have Golden Age)!

Please note!

  • For the Tree to bring crystals, first it is necessary to get it from the building storage (go to the ‘Construction’ menu and select ‘Production’) and build it.

New Year Skins!

Today another Hero will join our New Year army. Beautiful Archer has tried on a Candy Cane holiday skin, and she is already waiting for you in your Castles; of course, a special, holiday price is applied!


Candy Cane

Original Hero: Amazon/Archer
Cost: 29 Gold


Of course, all other festive Heroes will join Candy Cane!

Grandpa Pilot
Hero: Aviator
19 gold
Hero: Woodsman/Witch Doctor
19 gold
Hero: Raven
19 gold
Hero: Fixie/Fairy Queen
19 gold
Hero: Мими
19 gold
Frost Magician
Hero: Mage/Sorcerer
19 gold
Merry Scout
Hero: Marksman/Hunter
19 gold
Hero: Healer/Priestess
19 gold
19 gold


All New Year skins are available for purchase only till 12:00 (UTC+3), the 10th of January. Don’t miss it!

Invite the Heroes to the New Year party!

Festive rewards!

Starting with today, the number of tangerines you will receive for fighting in battles has been increased by 1.5 times! But this is not the only surprise we have for you.


From now on, you will receive more tangerines in daily quests, too! In their second and third stages, 2 tangerines will be waiting for you (instead of one), and 5 juicy fruits will be given to you in the huge Saturday quest!

Do not forget that their drop chance still relies on the number of Achievement points you receive in battles. What is more, Golden Age can not only double the number of tangerines you will receive per fight, but also increases their drop chance!

Replenish your stocks until the New Year comes!

Always yours,
Prime World Team