Double action!

20 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The royal forester noticed strange footprints on the snow. At first glance, they looked like footprints from horseshoes, but they looked much more elegant than ones horses leave. In search of a solution, he went deeper and deeper into the thicket and, without noticing it, wandered into a completely unfamiliar place.

The glade before him was not like any of the places he knew, and even the winter cold could not get to this corner of Praia. Despite it was December, the grass was green on the magical land, and lush foliage enveloped the crowns of the trees. A beautiful and rare beast proudly stood right in the centre of it - Unicorn honored Praia with its visit once again!

As you already know, Unicorns bring luck and unprecedented prosperity, and only during this weekend, you can provide your Lordship with three months of Golden Age for the price of one!

Golden Age!


On this weekend only, until 12 a.m. December 24, you will be able to purchase 3 months of Golden Age for the price of one - 199 Gold!

Pet Houses

For 3 days only, from 12 a.m. UTC+3 December 21 and until 2 a.m. UTC+3 December 24, a -50% discount is applied to the purchase of Cat’s and Dog’s Houses! And, a very rare and unique guest will also pay a visit to your Castles - rainbow Unicorn!



New price

Old price

Unicorn’s Hous 49 gold
Cat’s House 25 gold 49 gold
Dog’s House 25 gold 49 gold

Bring prosperity to your Castle!

Always yours,
Prime World Team