Chronicle is on her way!

19 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Chronicle is patiently waiting for your answer, knowing that you won’t solve her riddle easily. While the girl is cheered with treats, one of the villagers is trying to show you what the Heroine’s weapon exactly is. The villagers' pantomimes are ridiculously funny. After thinking hard and wiping a few drops of sweat from your forehead, you answer:

- It is a clock hand.

Chronicle is surprised by your answer. You guessed it right. A clock hand made of rare precious metal is placed on the table. You heard that these are mined only in the mountains far, far away to the west, and that such material is famous for its ability to conduct and enhance magical energy.

You asked Chronicles some questions about her weapon, and in the middle of the conversation, she finally pulled the hood off her head. Chronicle’s appearance was ... quite unusual. At least due to her hairstyle. Dreadlocks, picked up by a red bandana, already looked outlandish. But Chronicle did not limit itself to this either, having tied a gold chain with a watch attached to it around her head.

You talked Chronicle into showing at least one of her powers to you, and were absolutely shocked by the end result. Chronicle waved her hands and told you to stand up from the bench and make a few steps away from it. You did as you were told. After you blinked your eyes, you were once again sitting on the bench! Chronicle somehow rewinded a few seconds of your life back.

The villagers were shocked, and the sorceress told that the time has come to fulfill her part of the deal. You prepared your horses for a journey and stepped on the road to the Castle together.

We are here to announce those Lords and Ladies, who were the first ones to guess the Heroine's weapon correctly! These lucky individuals will be able to test Chronicle in battle among the first:



Congratulations! :)
Chronicle will appear at your Castles as soon as the next patch is released.
Please do not forget to write your nicknames in private messages to our Facebook page.

Chronicle will appear at your Castles as soon as the next patch is released.

Always yours,
Prime World team