Sweeter and sweeter!

14 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

A pleasant surprise was waiting for our Heroes this morning - under the white snow, they were able to find more sweet tangerines than before. But this was not the only surprise they had encountered! Mother Winter helped the juicy rewards to get into the daily quests, making it easier to receive more rewards in “Heart’s Desire” promotion!

Sweeter and sweeter!

As we’ve promised, the closer the New Year’s Eve, the more tangerines you will be able to receive both in rewards for fights and other ways.

From now on, the number of tangerines you will receive per battle has increased by 50%! What is more, winter magic has also changed the daily rewards. In each of the daily quests stages, you will be able to find a juicy and sweet tangerine! Ain’t that amazing? :)

We kindly remind you that the tangerines drop chance depends heavily on your Achievement points gained in battle, and, of course, on luck. What is more, Golden Age does not only double the number of tangerines you will receive but also increases their drop chance by 2 times!

Harvest as many tangerines as you can!

Always yours,
Prime World Team