New Heroine announcement!

12 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Magical winter has already covered Praya’s lands with soft white snow, and everyone, from kids to Heroes, is having fun outside, build snowmen and decorate their houses with beautiful garlands and lanterns.

Yet not everything is running smoothly these days - intelligence reports that due to the recent avalanches, the Touched, who had previously sat silently in their caves, began to raid mountain villages.

It was extremely hard to get out of the tenacious embrace of your favorite blanket, but you coped with that uneasy task and set off along with the most frost-resistant heroes - Blizzard, Freeze and Fallen Lord. The new adventure did not foretell anything unusual. Therefore, the stories of the garrison soldiers about a young sorceress who helped them fight the Touched noticeably lifted the entire squad’s spirit. It was rumored that the stranger stopped at the tavern, wanting to make sure that the monsters are no longer a danger to the village.

Finding a mysterious girl turned out to be easy - because of the bright red cloak that the local people gave her so she could warm up.

- My name is Chronicle. - Said the sorceress, as soon as you sat on the bench. - I want to help.

She knew who you were, and you were interested to find out how Chronicle’s amazing magic works. No villager was able to describe it properly! The girl was in no hurry to reveal her face, but promised that if the Lord could guess what weapon she uses to do all those magic tricks of hers, she would gladly travel to the Castle. A cunning smile froze on Chronicle's face — she knew that solving her riddle would not be easy.

New Heroine!

While Blizzard is discussing the nature of magic with Chronicle, you have some time to unveil the Heroine’s secret!

First 5 Lords or Ladies, who will guess what kind of weapon Chronicle fights with, will receive the Heroine as a gift the day she is added into the game!

Please pay attention to the fact that the entries are submitted only in the comment section on this page until 12 p.m. UTC+3 19th of December.

Test your luck! :)

Always yours,
Prime World dev team