Magic chests!

10 December 2018


Lords and Ladies!

The closer New Year is, the more wonders are occurring in Praya. Blacksmiths have mastered a new art and now they are able to reforge already upgraded talents into new ones with choosing the set new talent will belong to. Bright tangerines can be spotted everywhere, and the skillful forgers can even make talents out of them. And today the festive magic has changed the shelves of the Fair, making legendary chests even more valuable.

For a whole week ahead, there will be 3 talents waiting for you inside of all legendary chests instead of one!

Magic at the Fair!

For a whole week, from 12 p.m. UTC+3 17th of December, new magical chests will be available at the Fair! They contain 3 legendary talents already upgraded up to from 5 to 7 stars instead of one inside! Same as with classic chests, the talents you will get are random.


Everything depends on luck:

  • You can find 3 talents from any sets inside (except for clan and collectible ones)
  • Their upgrade level can be different for each of the talents - one can be upgraded to 5 stars, another - to 6 stars, and the last one - to 7 stars.
  • The most pleasant part about the event is that the chests price will not change!
  • Meaning that you will be able to receive 3 already upgraded legendary talents for only 100-150 Prime Crystals!

Hurry up to open as many legendary chests as you can!

Always yours,
Prime World team