Winter prizes!

06 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Winter cold is not a reason to get sad for real Heroes. Because even the most terrible weather can be sent away by merry battles, which have become even more interesting due to the new rewards you are getting for them now - juicy tangerines!

And today the concentration of rewards has become higher than ever. You can earn glorious winter prizes in the new global quest - tasty tangerines, White Runes and Legendary Crystals!

Winter competition!

The first winter quest is already waiting for you in your Castles! Completing the tasks will bring you lots of tangerines, replenish your stocks of Crystals and provide you with amazingly rare White Runes!





Hand over 500.000 wood/silk

  • 50 tangerines
  • 150 Legendary Crystals
  • 10 White Runes

Make 150 kills in the Borderlands


Gather 1.500.000 Prime in the Borderlands


Deal 500.000 damage to enemy Heroes in the Borderlands

From 12 p.m. UTC+3 7th of December until 12 p.m. UTC+3 24th of December, complete all the tasks of the global quest and receive valuable winter treasures!

Please note: this is not the usual chain of quests, but one big quest, divided into several tasks. You need to complete all the tasks in order to get the reward. Also, you can complete several tasks at once in one battle - for example, kill 2 Kittons/Fire Drakes, make 15 kills and deal 20.000 damage to enemy Heroes - all these achievements will be taken into account in the quest. What is important to remember is that if you change the language of the game, the quest progress will get wiped!

Turn the freezing cold out-of-doors with hot battles!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team