Patch 11.11.2

05 December 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The 11.11.2 update has been installed on our servers, and Heroes are ready to rush into a battle!

Winter Borderland

Winter holiday mood comes to Praya!

Kitton's and Fire Drake's caves are snowed up and full of presents. From time to time, when returning from the battles, the Heroes bring sweet-scented mandarins to the Castles. These colorful overseas fruits can be exchanged for collectible legendary talents!

New Year Action

New holiday action in the full-screen interface is waiting for you in your Castles!

While the action is active, you can get juicy mandarins as a reward in a battle. For now, they are quite rare in Praya, but the closer New Year gets, the more mandarins you will find and exchange for valuable rewards, including the talents of the new winter holiday subset – Heart's Desire!

You will find more details about the action here.

New Legendary Talents!

Besides the collectible talents, the 11.11.2 update brought to Praya a new legendary set – 'Legendary Aspects'!

The subsets of this set work in accordance with the familiar and well-loved principle, granting the Hero with passive bonuses for learning two or three talents. In the first part of the set, we released three subsets. One of them fits for auto attacking Heroes, the second one suits for casting Heroes, and the third one is useful for any Hero’s role, but, above all, for the Protectors.

Life Blighter

This subset best suits for the auto attacking Heroes and Faceless / Phantom (Intellect build). The characteristics of the talents are selected considering Heroes’ base stats; the bonuses that the subset provides allow inflicting more damage.

  • Learning 2 talents of the subset will increase the chances of critical damage by 5%
  • Learning 3 talents will increase the Critical Multiplier* by 50%

* The Critical Multiplier indicates how many times the Hero's base damage is inflicted in the case of a Critical Hit. Thus, with three learned talents of this subset, the Critical Hit will inflict 2,5 times (instead of 2) more damage.

Сold-hearted Blighter

  • Required row: IV;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825;
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 13 (18).

Swift Blighter

  • Required row: V;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1160;
  • Increases Agility by 19 (26).

Stealthy Blighter

  • Required row: V;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1160;
  • Increases Cunning by 19 (26).

Artful Blighter

  • Required row: VI;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1600;
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 25 (35).

Please note!

  • Critical Hit can be inflicted only by Hero's auto attacks. Only Faceless’ / Phantom's abilities can make Critical Hit.

The subset compliments the high speed of the attack with the increased chance of Critical Hit and increased critical damage. However, relatively high position in the build's rows will expand its potential closer to the final stages of the game.

Tamer of the Elements

This subset is targeted at the best possible development of the casting Heroes that prefer inflicting damage using the abilities.

  • Learning 2 talents will reduce the cooldown of Hero's class abilities by 6%
  • Learning 3 talents will increase the Penetration* of the abilities by 15%

*In other words, the amount of the ignored defense will increase, when the damage is dealt by the ability. This parameter will not affect usual attacks.

Tamer of Light

  • Required row: IV;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825;
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 13 (18).

Tamer or Flame

  • Required row: V;
  • пра Prime-cost of learning: 1160;
  • Increases Cunning by 19 (26).

Tamer of Lightning

  • Required row: VI;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1600;
  • Increases Strength by 13.6 (18.6);
  • Increases Cunning by 13.6 (18.6).

Tamer of Darkness

  • Required row: VI;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1600;
  • Increases Intellect by 13.6 (18.6);
  • Increases Cunning by 13.6 (18.6).

This subset will effectively unlock the potential of the casting Heroes, both by the reducing the cooldown of the procast and increasing damage, caused by additional Penetration of the abilities.

Also, we would like to point out that all the effects of the cooldown (from different talents and subsets) are summed up.


The third subset aims at the strengthening the defense against the same abilities that its owner has. Above all, it is targeted at the Heroes-Protectors.

  • For the learning of 2 talents, a Hero gets additional 7% defense against the abilities*
  • For the learning of 3 talents, a Hero gets a certain passive ability. When taking damage that is caused by a talent and that exceeds 25% Hero's maximum Health, a Hero will absorb 30% damage and during 3 sec. will receive by 30% less damage inflicted by talents.

*This ability is related to Heroes' abilities, it will not affect usual attacks.

Solar Guardian

  • Required row: II;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 500;
  • Increases Strength by 7.2 (10.2).

Moon Guardian

  • Required row: II;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 500;
  • Increases Intellect by 7.2 (10.2).

Stellar Guardian

  • Required row: III;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 675;
  • Increases Agility of Cunning, whichever is greater, by 10 (14).

Celestial Guardian

  • Required row: IV;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825;
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 10 (12.5)
  • Increases Health by 100 (150).

The Guardian is aimed at the protection of its owner from the damage dealt by shooting, for example, from Luna's particle, Storm Thrower's (Strength build) hummer, Doctrine's Strength ultimate, etc. Above all, it helps protecting Heroes, but might be useful for any other Hero in Praya.

Talents Rebalance

Touch of Stability

This upgrade of a pretty interesting subset has got undeservedly little players’ attention. It is time to give it a new lease of life!

We completely reconsidered it: both talents' characteristics and its effects on the subset in general have been changed. Also, the talent was renamed in order to reflect its essence better.

Touch of Ingenuity

  • Increases Strength or Intellect (depending on the type of Hero's attack) by 4.8 (6.4)
    (instead of increasing Health Regeneration)
  • Increases all the effects of the Deathtouch subset by 33%
    (it used to inflict damage and effects to enemies behind the target)

Heroes Rebalance



Mighty Shock

  • From now on, this ability can be used even if there are no enemy Heroes within the visible range. This can be helpful when inflicting damage to invisible Heroes or getting additional protective characteristics.




Crossbow Shot

  • From now on, the bolt is shot by 0.1 sec faster, which makes the talent more responsive and handy



Many players liked this bombastic Hero. And some changes and fixes will only do him good! We reduced his ability to mop up a forest on the early stages of the game, and made its Strength build more convenient.

Rarely, but aptly!

First of all, we turned our attention to your request to make the reloading more convenient and clear for understanding.

  • Now, if shells are left in a shotgun magazine, but the Hero does not attack during the time while the full reload could be done, the magazine gets full again.
  • The bug that sometimes caused the Hero resurrecting with an incomplete magazine was fixed. From now on, after the resurrection of the Hero, magazine of his shotgun will always be full!

Explosive Blast

  • An issue when the ability did not inflict the damage to Rat Master’s rats was fixed

Deadly Argument

  • Now deals by 100% more damage only to enemy soldiers. The damage to the Touched will increase only by 50% (instead of 100%).

Reason to Stop

  • The travel range of the net is increased by 1.
  • An issue due to which the time of immobilizing did not reduce under the effect of the Aggressive Stance talent was solved.

Fatal Shot and Hell to Pay

We slightly reconsidered the auto attack damage dealt by Cannoneer for each stage of the game. Now the Hero better corresponds to the common ideas regarding the auto attacking Heroes.

  • The base damage of the auto attacks was reduced by 5%
  • However, when the Fatal Shot talent is learned, the damage will be increased by 5%
  • Also, when the Hell to Pay talent is learned, the damage will be additionally increased by 5%!

Thus, at the early stages of the game Cannoneer deals slightly less damage, but at the advanced stages, he will be inflicting by 5% more damage.

Danger From Above

  • A bug when Cannoneer, being under the control effect, could still use his ability was fixes.
  • An issue that sometimes could disrupt the visual effect of the ability by the Hero's movement was resolved.
  • A problem that appeared, when, upon meeting, two Canonneers simultaneously used their ability, and that caused a neutral target being attacked by only one of the Heroes was solved.
  • Also, from now on, the Hero will not be able to use the ultimate, if there are no suitable targets within the range.

Mass Mailing

  • A bug that allowed the Hero inflicting damage to the Towers was fixed.


  • An issue with the wrong Cannoneer's attack during the effect of Fang's / Claw's Curse of the Beast ultimate ability was solved
  • A bug that allowed Cannoneer's ghost, evoked by Soul Сatcher's/ Soul Reaper’s Fallen Souls ability, attacking without reloading the shotgun was fixed
  • A mistake in the description of the Stray Bullet talent was corrected. Now the upgraded talent is included in the description
  • A bug that made Cannoneer leave no traces on the water was fixed
  • An issue when the non-zero Critical Hit was displayed when the Hero was in the Castle was resolved.


  • A problem when sometimes the replays disappeared in the Castle’s full-screen interface was solved.
  • A bug of the display of the effects above Stalker's and Dryad’s heads was fixed.

See you at the battlefields!

Your Prime World Team