Triple December magic!

30 November 2018

Lords and ladies!

December magic is already knocking at your Castle’s doors and taking peeks through its windows — even on the highest floors of the highest tower in Praya! After all, that’s how magic works, right? It crawls inside all the buildings, including hot Forges...

Today, in honor of the very early onset of the first and most festive winter month, we want to wear red hats and please you with, - perhaps, - the most desired change at the Forge!

Reforge a talent with choosing the set the new one will belong to!

Recently, we’ve seen that many Lords and Ladies are missing the usual type of reforging — when you are able to choose the set the new talent will belong to. Reforging with keeping the talent’s upgrades has made that option inaccessible.

But due to the beginning of the most magical time of the year, we are solemnly announcing:


For the whole month of December and until the end of the New Year holidays, you will be able to reforge talents while both keeping their upgrades and choosing the set the new talent will belong to!

And thanks to the frosty power of this magic time, reforging prices have frozen and are remaining the same as usual!

This way you will be able to reforge a talent with more benefits than ever. You will keep its initial power in upgrades and won’t pay more than you are used to!

Hurry up to use all the benefits of the magical time!

Всегда ваша,
команда Prime World