Legendary sets month continues!

27 November 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The flames of Black Friday have not yet faded away completely yet, but the merchants have already changed the assortment of goods.

Today they are offering you to purchase legendary chests with Legendary Heritage talents inside!

Inside such chests you will be able to find useful ‘poison’, the irreplaceable ‘anthem’ and a talent which is especially useful for subtle Heroes - Inherited Talisman!

Legendary Heritage week

Starting with today, you will have a whole week at your disposal to find the talents from the Legendary Heritage set which will be useful to any Hero - whatever his/her role is!

Thanks to this week’s offers, you will be able to collect a few already upgraded to 5 and more stars subsets, such as Venomous Grasp, Inspiring Hymn, Inherited Talisman and more!


Only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 4th of December — find and purchase chests with talents from the Legendary Heritage set at the Fair!

Delight your Heroes with powerful novelties!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team