Autumn metamorphosis: Cannoneer and Dragonfly/Arcane Wyrm

15 November 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The beginning of the new day was quite unusual — the courtyard was highlighted by flashes of ether, followed by the loud shotgun bangs. The Heroes who rushed outside saw that the ones who made all this noise were Dragonfly and Cannoneer. They were celebrating the arrival of the newcomer and stayed up till the morning!

The reason they did not go to sleep was that they managed to learn new class talents and were too eager to test them out. And now, you can try them in battle, too!


Funny and unpredictable Cannoneer can make his shotgun even more dangerous for his enemies with the help of the new class talents. Depending on the choice made, one of his builds will become more powerful: either auto-attacker one, or caster one.

Stray bullet!

  • This upgrade is a perfect fit for those, who prefer to rely on auto-attacks. After the improvement is learned, each bullet the Hero shoots will ricochet at the enemy standing close to the initial target.


  • Pay attention to the fact that attack modifications do not affect the damage ricochet deals.

Blast Away!

  • Those, who prefer dealing with foes using Hero’s abilities, Explosive Blast’s upgrade will be a better option. This improvement will additionally increase the damage ability does by 10%. What is more, is shrapnel hits an enemy Hero, Blast-Off talent’s cooldown will get reset.


Magic virtuoso - Dragonfly - will be able to manage etheric matters more effectively with the help of his new class talents. Same as with the previous Heroes, the improvements are aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of the chosen playstyle. And, depending on the choice you’ll make, the Hero can either increase the damage, — both his own and team’s, — or receive more effective defense powers.

Power of Ether

  • By choosing this talent, Dragonfly will make his passive ability, — Etherlord, — a lot more dangerous. After the upgrade is learned, Hero will deal 7% more damage to enemies near him.

Ethereal Bulwark

  • With this upgrade, it will become easier for Dragonfly to survive even the most dangerous attacks — it will make the Hero’s shield tougher! After Ethereal Bulwark is learned, the Hero’s shield will absorb 20% more damage, and the maximum amount of Dragonfly’s Energy will increase by 30%.


New class talents upgrades are already waiting for you in your Libraries. As always, they are made to be put into the 5th row.

Attention! Only one of the class talents upgrades can be used per build.

Always yours,
Prime World Team