14 November 2018

Do you feel the smell of the gunpowder? Meet the new Hero - Cannoneer! Of course, if you are able to see him through the flames and explosions.


Cannoneer's Talents

Rarely, but aptly!

Hero’s passive ability is bringing a new type of weaponry to Praya.

Cannoneer shoots once in 0.2 seconds, because his attack speed does not rely on Agility.

However, the construction of his gun does not allow to shoot without reloading. There are 2 shells in the Hero’s gun by default - meaning that he can fire 2 shots before reloading. And, in order to reload his gun faster, Hero will need Agility - the more Agility, the faster Cannoneer will prepare his weapon for making new shots. Of course, such a high auto attack speed required new type of ammo, and the shells the Hero is using can not deal critical damage.

Explosive Blast!

As you already know, you can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone. Our Hero carries a shotgun, which is quite an effective weapon. If you load it with shrapnel, you will be able to achieve everything! Thanks to it, the Hero will be able to deal damage to multiple targets standing in front of him instead of just one target he is aiming for.


This ability’s improvement will allow Cannoneer to deal more damage to all enemies but Heroes.


Thanks to this ability, Cannoneer will not only get out of any nasty situation, but will also severely punish those who got close to him. By using Blast-Off!, the Hero pulls his mortar out, yes-yes, you heard it right - he has a real mortar! - and shoots under his feet, arranging a colorful explosion. All the foes nearby receive severe damage, and Cannoneer himself jumps to the selected point.


With the ability’s upgrade, the Hero will also restore part of his HP points while in the air.

Reason to Stop!

Even the most accurate shooter can sometimes be annoyed by an overly nimble target.Yet resourceful Cannoneer will not get confused in such a situation. Learning this talent will allow him to stop even the fastest running enemy by trapping him with a net!


Ability’s improvement will additionally reduce target’s Stamina or Will, whichever the greater.


And now, let’s talk about Hero’s ultimate abilities!


Danger From Above!

First of them corresponds to Cannoneer’s cheerful nature perfectly. Using it, the Hero will be able to fire 5 shells at a time, which will deal damage to random targets.


Talent’s upgrade will allow Cannoneer to fire explosive shells. When hitting a target, the damage will be dealt not only to the target, but to everyone around it.

Fatal Shot!

Hero’s second ultimate ability will allow the Hero to upgrade his weapon. By learning this talent, Cannoneer will increase the capacity of the shotgun’s magazine and will be able to shoot three times, - instead of two, - without reloading.


Upgrading the talent will add on more, - the fourth, - shell to the magazine, making it possible to fully unleash Cannoneer’s auto attacker potential!

The higher the magazine’s capacity, the more time it will take for the Hero to reload the shotgun.

Meet the Hero with a truly explosive nature - Cannoneer!

And… do not play with matches, when he is around.

Always yours,
Prime World Team