Patch 11.11.1

14 November 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The 11.11.1 update has been installed on our servers and the Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!

New Hero!

With the strikes of missiles and surrounded by the flare-ups, bombastic Cannoneer bursts into Praya! He has already arrived to the Castles and is ready to be hired at your service.

Just as it happened with all previous Heroes, there are three ways of hiring Cannoneer:

  • After completing the seven-day chain of tasks, you will be able to recruit him for 750 000 Silver. First task in the chain will become available today at 12:00 UTC+3, and the last one will open on 21st of November. After completing the final task, you will get access to the quest, where you will be able to hire the Hero for Silver.
  • Standard way of recruiting (purchase for Silver without the necessity to complete tasks) will be available for all players with 25+ Castle level, starting from 28th of November.
  • There is also an option to hire Cannoneer for 299 Gold right away.

With the arrival of the new Hero, price for recruiting Stalker is reduced to 500 000 Silver and 199 Gold.

Replays in full-screen interface!

The 11.11.1 update makes watching of replays of your battles even more convenient. Now you can access them directly from your Castle!

You can observe your great deeds in a new full-screen interface tab. There you will find list of your last 30 battles. The search of the required replay is also much easier now: not only you can see the date of a battle, but also your Hero that took part in a battle, the result of the match, and the mode of the game.



Star Cluster – the new ultimate ability - expanded Heroine’s role of Slayer by making her even more agile.

This mobility gained the Heroine a significant popularity among the players; however, in the right hands her influence on the tide of battle could become too powerful. Therefore in the 11.11.1 update the interaction of the charged particles with the gates has been changed.

Charged Particle

  • Once getting through 3 or more gates, a particle becomes visible for enemies and its flight can be traced on the mini-map.
  • Such change will not only allow opponents to get out of the way of a deadly ball, but also will give away Luna’s location, allowing to find her.



It was not that easy to make a nice Strength build for the Heroine due to the necessity to find talents which provide a bonus not to the greatest of Strength and Intellect, but to Strength only.

That’s why we changed Cryo’s basic characteristics in 11.11.1 update. Now, on the 1st level, the Heroine will have 51 Strength and 61 Intellect (instead of 49.5 Strength and 62.5 Intellect).


Fiery Guard

After some revision, this subset has grown in popularity at the speed of light, and has become almost irreplaceable in builds of forest characters.

However, use of the subset on the lane sometimes gave additional advantage. Thus, the 11.11.1 update brings corrections to one of the properties of Fiery Guard.

  • From now on, after shooting, a firefly becomes visible for 3.5 seconds (instead of 2), which will help to knock them down much easier.

Ancient Secrets

The combination of the restoration of Health together with bonus to Heroes’ characteristics made this subset popular among players.

Fast learning of all three talents in some cases could provide Hero with significant superiority. And, in the 11.11.1 update, the increase that you get after learning the set of three talents has been reduced.

  • From now on, three learned talents from the Ancient Secrets subset additionally increase Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 9 (instead of 10).

Illusion of Might

This talent from the ‘sailing ship’ subset will become even more useful. Now not only deals more damage, but also makes its owner more cunning.

Illusion of Might

  • Required row: VI;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1600;
  • Increases Cunning by 17 (it used to increase by 15,2);
  • Increases Health by 250 (it used to increase by 300);
  • The Explosive Illusion talent additionally deals 150 magic damage (instead of 120)



A bug that sometimes caused Doctrine’s upgrade - Disintegration – to reduce both Stamina and Will, instead of only the greater parameter, was fixed.


A graphic issue in Hero’s status, which reflected the increase in Agility only on Native Terrain even after learning Raging Thirst, was solved.


A graphic issue that caused the ‘unusual’ invisibility effect was fixed.

Yours ever,
Prime World Team