Prime Anomaly!

09 November 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Today we’ve prepared yet another surprise for you - a new global quest with amazing rewards. The key prizes in this event, among with the renowned and beloved chests with talents, are 2 certain legendary talents, already upgraded up to 7 stars!

When choosing which talents to give you, we decided to add those ones which are extremely useful and rare, so that the reward suits every Lord and Lady in Praya perfectly.

Of course, the challenges in this quest are not the easiest ones, however, the rewards are definitely worth trying!

Prime Anomaly

Tasks in the new global quest are the same as in previous global quests — you need to complete all the assignments to receive rewards. Yet there is something new waiting for you in the conditions of completing the tasks and in rewards.

You will be able to receive 2 unique rewards in addition to chests with talents: Life’s Path, already upgraded up to 7 stars, and Legendary Corruption (Clan talent), which is already a rare talent, yet it is also upgraded up to 7 stars!

That’s why the tasks in the quest are not quite ordinary — new conditions appeared in them. You will need to pass resources to your forces, so that they become more powerful: Silver and Prime Crystals. Unlike usual conditions of completing the quest, where the progress in the quest has been limited by games in the Borderlands, you will able to beat the tasks differently.

In order to complete the quest, you can use the ‘economic’ part of the Castle. For example, collect resources every day, — do not forget about doubling the Prime Crystals production! — and pay visits to the Fair, since this is the best place to exchange your resources for Prime Crystals and Silver.

And, of course, participation in battles will not only bring you closer to the ‘battle’ part of the quest, but will also provide you with resources for each fight.





Pass 300.000 Silver

  • Life's Path +7
  • Legendary Corruption +7
  • 3 legendary chests with talents, already upgraded from 5 to 7 stars

Deal 300.000 damage to enemy Heroes


Drink 75 potions (only 5 per battle are counted)


Pass 750 Prime Crystals

The quest will last until 12 p.m. UTC+3 November 26 - you have 3 full weeks to complete all the tasks!


  • If you change the language the game runs on, whole quest progress will get wiped, and the resources you've submitted to complete the task will not get returned. 
  • The quest is designed as a one huge task with several subtasks.
  • In order to receive the reward, you must complete all the subtasks

Fill your libraries with unique talents!

Your Prime World Team