Searching for the stranger!

08 November 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Everyone has already heard about the battle near Gridwald, in which the new Hero stepped up to fight the dangerous bandits. After that fight, every living being in Praya is interested in learning more details about the powerful stranger. His unique abilities shocked everyone, who witnessed him fight. And of course, our Heroes were not able to resist their curiosity and decided to find him!

And since they took it so seriously, there was no chance for the new Hero to hide from them. Soon, the Heroes found his traces.

Talented Artiste was one of the first Heroes to join the search party. Who will paint of the mysterious man better than her? Right, no one! And while others were busy learning more details about the new Hero, she managed to draw his portrait.

The first thing to do was to greet each other properly. The new Hero said that his name was Cannoneer. What a suitable name to describe his explosive nature...

The second question the Heroes asked the new acquaintance was which mysterious ability did he use to fight off the bandits. Whole Praya was guessing how that unusual technique is called!

Cannoneer gave the answer without any doubts.

He said that it is called Blast-Off. The Hero prepared a special blend, which burned so fast that it was able to ignite even the ground under his feet. Skillfully using this explosive composition, Cannoneer was not only able to deal with his enemies but also deftly slip away from the foes’ attacks.

We are congratulating those Lords and Ladies, who have guessed the name of the Hero’s ability - Blast-Off! They will receive the new Hero for free the day when Cannoneer will finally make it to Praya.

Yet, after a spectacular demonstration of one of his skills, Cannoneer hid from our Heroes once again, leaving them to speculate about the rest of his abilities.

Please contact us via personal message to our official Prime World page to receive your reward.

Prepare to greet the explosive guest!

Your Prime World Team