Unexpected encounter!

01 November 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Do you remember that gang that was terrorizing civilians near Gridwald? Yesterday, their audacity surpassed all imaginable limits and they dared to attack the village just a couple of miles away from the city.

Of course, Lords, who were living nearby, couldn’t leave such an act without a proper response and sent troops led by their best Heroes to stop the bold bandits.

What the warriors saw first when they arrived at the point of their destination was a truly exciting battle: a mysterious man, who looked rather short yet beefy, was confronting the whole gang all on his own. His combat style looked very unusual - he let a few bandits come close to him, and after that, the land around him got exploded, leaving only corpses of his enemies on the ground. Then, he continued the fight with the next wave of enemies.

Heroes, who led the soldiers in battle, immediately felt the same power of Prime, that ran through their veins, in that stranger. They rushed to the help the brave defender, and together, they quickly got rid of the villains, but in the heat of battle, they did not manage to get close to the mysterious Hero. After the battle was over, the Heroes were not able to find any trace of him left.

A contest!

We are suggesting you test your intuition and guess how the skill the mysterious Hero used in battle is named. The authors of the correct guess will receive great prizes!

As the tradition goes, 5 Lords or Ladies, who will be first ones to guess the correct name of the skill the stranger used to fight back the bandits, will receive the new Hero as a gift on the day the update including him is released!


  • The answers are being accepted only until 8 p.m. UTC+3 7th of November and only under this news post!

Test your intuition!

Always by your side,
Prime World dev team