A month of sets!

30 October 2018


As you already know, sometimes special events are coming to the Fair, when the merchants are temporarily adding something unusual to their assortment of goods, something rare, which has not yet ever been left on the shops’ shelves.

And such an action begins with the launch of new Season - and the items to appear at the Fair are…

A month of sets chests!

What are the sets chests? They are nothing but regular chests with talents, already upgraded to 5 or more stars, but with a twist. Thing is, that unlike to the classic chests, the talents of only a certain set will drop out of these! It means that it has become much easier to collect a set of talents, already upgraded to 5 or more stars.

You can learn more about the subsets which are parts of a certain set in the talents tab on the website or in the game, in the Talents Collection or in the Library.

Starting with today and until the end of November, chests carrying talents from a certain set will be appearing at the Fair weekly.

Attention: to make the search for such chests easier, we have temporarily removed ordinary chests from the rotation.

And the month of sets begins with…

Week of Legendary Epic set!

One of the most popular and beloved sets, - Legendary Epic, - is the one to be met during the first week of November!

Aye-aye, the set which includes the beloved axes, shout and other subsets! Let’s agree that there is nothing better than to receive already upgraded cool talents, which you do not have to spend a single crystal on, shall we?


Only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 6th of November, search for chests with talents from the Legendary Epic set, already upgraded to 5 or more stars at the Fair!

One chest’s price will vary between 100-180 Prime Crystals (instead of 100-150). Increasing the upper limit of the range is dictated by the fact that the chance to get a specific talent you need (or even a whole set!) from such a chest is several times higher.

Always by your side,
Prime World dev team