Update 11.11

30 October 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The 11.11 update is installed on our servers and the Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!


We congratulate you on the end of the sixth Season: the Season of Secrets!

The rewards for your maximum achievements in the Season of Secrets are already waiting for you in the Castles: Heroes’ frames, flags, Enigma (Season Skin). Besides, we do have pleasant surprises for you!

As you have already known, every Hero that achieved the rank of a Captain brings to their Lord or Lady a legendary chest with a talent, upgraded up from 4 to 6 stars. ‘Secrets’ made this reward even more ‘starry’, as now in a chest you can find a talent, upgraded up to 5, 6 or even 7 stars!

In the table below you will find the rewards that Lords and Ladies received for the Season of Secrets:

  Wooden Recruit 1100 150 Prime Crystals
Mercenary 1200
Common Soldier 1300
  Stone Corporal 1400

330 Prime Crystals, Season flag

Sergeant 1500


1600 540 Prime Crystals, Season flag, Season frame



A unique skin and a chest with a legendary talent, upgraded up from 5 to 7 stars for each Hero, who reached the Captain rank, are added to the reward.



1800 780 Prime Crystals, Season flag, Season frame, unique skin. Also a chest with a legendary talent, upgraded up from 5 to 7 stars for each Hero.

Lieutenant colonel



2000 1050 Prime Crystals, Season flag, Season frame, unique skin. Also a chest with a legendary talent, upgraded up from 5 to 7 stars and a chest with a 5-7 stars talent from the newest legendary set for each Hero.

Top-10 players for each Hero

from 2000

1050 Prime Crystals, Season flag, Season frame, unique skin. Also a chest with a legendary talent, upgraded up from 5 to 7 stars and a chest with a 5-7 stars talent from the newest legendary set for each Hero.

Please note:

  • Only players whose Heroes were in the top 10 for the moment of the end of the Season get the rewards for Legend League. The rewards for all the other Leagues are calculated by maximum achievement throughout the entire Season.
  • The rewards were received only for those Heroes that you played in the Season of Secrets in the Borderlands mode.
  • Notice that the leaderboard has been recalculated for all the Heroes, regardless of whether they were in Borderlands or not.

For those players who, for some reason, are not familiar with the concept of Seasons, we suggest having a look at the main information on them in the special section.

Seasonal Leaderboard Reset

We continue recalculating the leaderboard using a “soft” system, which will keep the players at the top of the leaderboards interested, and, at the same time, prevent the game from getting too hard for those that are still on the path to conquering the heights of the TOP-10.

  • The ratings of the Heroes in Wooden or Stone Leagues were not reset.
  • If a Hero’s rating is equal or greater than 2000, it was reset to 1950.
  • In all other cases, the Heroes’ ratings were reduced by 50.

New Collectible Skin!

The most dreadful night of the year is coming, when the evil spirits walk around the streets and the nightmares are coming alive. This time another Hero will join the ‘scary’ unit: Plague Doctor will try on a skin of Pumpkster!


Original Hero: Plague Doctor
Features: new effects, new voiceover
Cost: 49 gold

As all the rest collectible skins, Pumpkster is available only during the holidays. And you can add him to your frightening army only till 9:00 (GMT) 6th of November.

New legendary clan talent!

The 11.11 update brings to the Clan Shop a new legendary talent that will excellently serve to those who prefer helping their team by creating scrolls in the mini-game.

Guild Artist

  • Required row: I;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 350;
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 4.8;
  • When creating a scroll in the mini-game, the Hero additionally gets 25 Prime.

Heroes Rebalance

Fallen Lord

Hero’s ultimate ability protected him pretty well. Sometimes he was getting ‘shields’ too fast.

The 11.11 update alters his ultimate and these changes will make Fallen Lord more careful.


  • The maximum number of stacks of Arsenal that Hero’s ultimate could provide was reduced. Now, during the action time of the ultimate, Fallen Lord can get maximum 7 stack instead of 9, as it used to be.
  • Also, the time required for charging one stack of Arsenal during the action time of the ultimate was increased: now it requires 0,4 seconds, instead of 0,3. Besides, the action time of the ultimate ability itself was increased to 2,8, instead of 2.7, in order to have enough time to charge the 7th stack.


Lightning Master / Storm Thrower

New class upgrades perfectly fit the severe Hero, allowing him to achieve his potential even better.

However, the damage that he was dealing by his Chain Lightning could be too severe for his enemies.

Static charge

  • The damage, dealt by the use of class talents that hit the nearest opponent with lightning, was reduced and now accounts for 76 - 670, instead of 80 - 705.
  • In order to fulfill Slayer’s potential of the Strength build of Storm Thrower even better, the Hero’s alternative ultimate also experienced some changes in the 11.11 update.

Judgment of the Skies

  • The damage, caused by the ultimate ability, was increased and now accounts for 75 - 646, instead of 71 - 617.


  • Additional damage, dealt by the upgraded ultimate, was also increased and now accounts for 100 - 725, instead of 75-550.



The new class upgrade – Disintegration – turned the Heroine’s Strength build into even more dangerous Slayer.

The reduction of the defense of the opponents made them more vulnerable than it had been planned.


  • Now the upgrade decreases Stamina or Will, whichever is greater, by 4 - 53, instead of 7 - 56.

Talents Rebalance

Champion’s Tribute

Effect of one of the latest subsets for a Hero in the role of Protector was reinforced.

  • Now the brave Heroes that take the brunt of the enemy's attack become even more effective.
  • Activation of the Champion’s Tribute subset now deflects 35%, instead of 30%, of damage back to the attacker.
  • Also, an issue, which sometimes caused the subset to inaccurately deflect back the damage of the attacks, improved by different modifications, was fixed.

Legendary Shroud

One of the most popular guild talents for the characters in the forest after the 11.11 upgrade became even more pleasant to use. Not only it will prolong the action time of invisibility, but also will provide higher characteristics for the build.

Legendary Shroud

  • Required row: IV;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825;
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 6 (it used to increase it only by 5);
  • After 1.5 seconds since the talent was used, the Hero becomes invisible for 10 seconds (instead of 8, as it used to be).


Vampire/ Dahaka

A bug that prevented Suffocation - the upgrade of Hero’s alternative ultimate - from dealing damage when Vampire dies before the end of the action of the ultimate, was fixed.


A graphic issue that caused the inaccurate representation of ranged attack on the Hero was fixed.

‘Talents of the unprecedented power’ task

One of the old tasks for creating legendary talents was updated: the information in the text of the quest regarding the number of talents, required for the reforging, was corrected and the task itself now gives 5 talents instead of 3.

Your Prime World Team