Red October at the Fair!

26 October 2018

Lords and Ladies!

A true stellar magic has been happening all the week at the Fair. Valuable talents, upgraded up to 7 stars have been found inside the chests twice as often as usually, and various jackpots have been listed among the special offers!

By the end of the week the merchants offer you an infinity of legendary chests, talents, jackpots, discounts and increased chanes of getting a 7* talent; all this luxurious products come up an opportunity to renew the assortment of goods on the shelves in exchange for Silver!

Action at the Fair!

Only for three days, from 9:00 (GMT) 26th of October till 9:00 (GMT) 29th of October, the Red October is at the Fair!


  • Plenty of legendary chests: chances of getting one are doubled now;
  • Besides, we remind you that until 9:00 (GMT) 29th of October your chances of finding 7+ talents in the chests are doubled!


  • Chances of getting legendary talents are twice as high as before;
    All the legendary sets are at the counters, including such favorites as ‘axes’, ‘blink’, ‘fireflies’ and many others;
  • Even such collectible talents as Blinding Glory and Collector's Habits are on the shelves now!
  • 30% discount for legendary talents (now you can exchange legendary talents for 50-65 Prime Crystals, instead of usual 70-90)


  • All the jackpots are at the Fair, including so valuable Prime Crystals, legendary crystals, Champion’s Rune, and many others! However, during the action, chances of getting jackpot are lower than during the non-action period.


  • And the most pleasant news: renewal of assortment will cost 1000 silver only! And, how it is always done during the actions at the Fair: the slots you purchase from will not burn out!

Please note:

  • During the action, your chances of getting a jackpot at the Fair are lower, compared to the chances of getting one when renewing assortment in exchange for Prime Crystals.

Fill your library with the most valuable talents!

Yours ever,
Prime World Team