Star-filled stage of the daily quests

26 October 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Stellar activity, discovered by the astrologist in the beginning of this week, affected not only the chests but also the old familiar daily quests.

But no worries here: the changes are the most pleasant ones!

The thing is that during a week and a half, for Lords and Ladies, the stars will open additional, fourth stage of the quest. And together with the new stage come the rewards: legendary chests! By all means, chance of getting talent, upgraded to 7 stars is increased for these chests same as for the chests purchased in the Clan Shop or at the Fair.

Additional stage in daily quests!

Please welcome! For the first time ever, under the two moons of Praya: the fourth, bonus stage of the daily quests!


During a week and a half, until 9:00 (GMT), 6th of November, all the daily quests (including the big Saturday quest) will receive additional, fourth stage.

The conditions will be similar to the usual quests; however, the reward for completing it will be a legendary chest, containing a talent, upgraded to 5, 6, or 7 stars.

Who knows, maybe it is you, my Lord, who will get the stellar grace…

Don’t miss the starry days!

Yours ever,
Prime World Team