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18 October 2018

Dear Friends!

The time has come to release the sixth issue of the much-loved ‘Questions and Answers’ series, where the developers are answering your questions.

  1. I cannot reforge exclusive talents into the legendary ones!
  2. How is the maximum rating of the rewards in the Season calculated? And when does it come to an end?
  3. What skin will be received as a reward in the Season of Secrets?

 I cannot reforge exclusive talents into the legendary ones!

The 11.10.2 update brought about to Praya some changes in the Forge. Some of those changes could be confusing for our old-timers. Thus, we would like to remind you what our blacksmiths came up with.

Reforging with keeping the current level of the talent upgrade is first and the major change.




We could not but notice that in your comments you repeatedly mentioned how unfortunate it might sometimes feel to reforge an upgraded talent and to get instead a non-upgraded one. Therefore, all the blacksmiths took the advanced training course and got a new forging skill that allows keeping the current level of the talent upgrade! From now on, if you reforge the talent that has been upgraded, the new one will have the same number of stars.

This new feature allows you to find a talent that best suits your Hero, without losing a single star. Besides, the new type of reforging gives additional opportunity to apply talents that you got from actions and chests and that were upgraded to more than 5 stars. Before it was quite challenging to find that precious, upgraded to more than 7 stars talent. The talents from actions and chests were random, and so was the level of its upgrade. Now you can try your luck and reforge one of your talents while searching for the necessary one. It will be upgraded for the required number of starts!

However, this opportunity should not conflict the basic principle of build creation complexity from talents, upgraded to more than 7 stars, and thus the reforging with keeping the level has some limitations:

  • Using such reforging method you will not get a chance to choose a desired set of a new talent. If you pick a particular talent, the ‘Forge’ button will become inactive and the talent icon will turn gray.
  • If you put into the Forge different talents (both upgraded and not upgraded) and then choose a set, it will automatically exclude form reforging all the upgraded talents. So as only the talents that have not been upgraded will be forged.
  • The upgrade with the same number of stars is only possible within the same rarity of a talent. It means you cannot improve it (the upgraded ‘orange’ can’t be turned into upgraded ‘red’). And the option to forge with an upgrade will be unavailable.

Second and no less pleasing change is the cost reduction of the creation of legendary talents.




The 11.10.2 update has change the cost of the creation of talent in the Forge.

  • From now on, you will need less legendary crystals in order to create a legendary talent: just 8, instead of 10.
  • At the same time, the cost of the creation of exclusive talents increased: now you need 5 instead of 3.
  • We bring to your attention that fact that if even one among the exclusive talents is be upgraded you will not get a chance to create a legendary talent.

Please note!

Already upgraded talents cannot be reforged with an improvement. It implies that the upgraded 4+ ‘orange’ can’t be turned into 4+ ‘red’ talents. The reforging of the upgraded talents is possible only if their rarity is kept.


2. How is the maximum rating of the rewards in the Season calculated? And when does it come to an end?

The end of the Season is coming! Astrologists foretell triple number of questions regarding the exact date of the end of the Season and how the seasonal rating will be calculated =).

And we are making our best to answer the most common questions.

First and the most important for all the inhabitants of Praya is the question about the big day of the end of the Season of Secrets. Traditionally, all the Seasons are ended at the end of the month. And the Season of Secrets is not an exception. The scheduled date of the end is the 30th of October!

The second most popular question is the one about the maximum rank: how is it calculated? Should it the rank be maintained throughout the Season and kept up until its end? Or is it enough to just achieve it once and after that player can stop worrying about the Hero’s rating?

For all the Leagues, besides the Legend, the rewards are received for the highest achievement during the Season. For example, it means, that if you achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel but later you were downgraded to Captain you reward would be calculated for the highest rank reached, i.e. Lieutenant Colonel.

The case of the Legend League is a bit different, because, as you know, it is not so easy to become a legend =). Furious struggle for the TOP-10 continue even on the night of the end of the Season. It is no wonder as the unique frame and flag that you get for reaching this league will make you Hero stand out!

In order to get reward for Legendary League your Hero must correspond with two conditions at once and these conditions should be fulfilled at the time of the end of the Season:

  • At the time of the end of the Season the Hero must be ranked between TOP-10.
  • The Hero’s rating must be higher than 2000.

3. What skin will be given as a reward in the Season of Secrets?

It is only about two weeks left before the end of the Season and we are now ready to lift the veil and announce one of the most intriguing rewards of the Season: seasonal skin!

Please welcome beautiful and mysterious Enigma: a seasonal skin for Raven!

As in previous Seasons, to get Enigma, during the Season of Secrets you must for at least one or your Heroes achieve the rank of Captain (1700 and higher) or send to the battle in Borderlands a Hero with the rating 1700 and higher.

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Yours ever,
Prime World Team