Pirate Jackpot!

17 October 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The merchant navy came under a savage pirate attack once again! Fortunately, this time the merchants were prepared and stood up against the corsairs. Not only the merchants repelled attack, but also took possession of valuable trophies, which they are keen to share with you. So now their counters are piled with the Jackpots of cursed doubloons.

But wait there’s more! The merchants took captives who, after some interrogation, disclosed the information on duration of their stay in Praya.

Pirate Jackpot!

The Jackpot of cursed doubloons is at the Fairy only until 09:00 (GMT) October 22nd!


100 doubloons for only 200 prime crystals!

Like any other Jackpot, this offer is a lot more attractive than the usual cost, and, obviously, it is not an offer you get too often.

Ending of the ‘pirate’ action

Together with the Jackpot, the pirate action in Praya comes to its end. You still have almost one week to get a missing talent or to try your luck at the pirate roulette wheel.


At 09:00 (GMT) October 22nd all the collected doubloons will turn into talents, that can be forged, but it will become impossible to exchange them for the ‘pirate’ talents.

Get all the trophies before it is too late!

Yours ever,
Prime World Team.