Pirate weekend in Praya!

12 October 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Yo-ho-ho - Pirate Adventures continue! Corsair was looking for a bottle of Prime when he suddenly struggled upon Captain Flint’s map. Thankfully, it was encrypted and the old fellow had to share his find with you. Now you will have to decipher the message hidden in it, and receive lots of cursed doubloons as a reward for your efforts!

But this is not the end! Gold, stored back at the Castles, has soaked up the Pirate Adventures aura. During the whole weekend, treasury replenishment will bring you lots of valuable presents:

  • Prime Crystals
  • Cursed doubloons, which can be exchanged for new collectible rewards in the Pirate Treasures promotion
  • Pirate talents from the new set of talents
  • And even pirate chests with talents from the Pirate Adventures set, already upgraded up to 7 stars!

Captain Flint’s map!

Today, the first stage of the mysterious pirate chain of quests has become active in your Castles. The quest will be available for completion until 12. p.m. GMT+3 15th of October. By completing all of the challenges, you will be able to receive even more cursed doubloons!





  October 12

Yo-ho-ho!.. Ahem, I am sorry, my Lord. It’s Corsair’s influence to blame - he is so good at telling stories about his pirate past! Yesterday, he was telling us how to get to the treasure with glistening cursed doubloons, using Captain Flint’s map. First, we need to use powerful symbols 6 times...

5 cursed doubloons
  October 13

...Next, you need to raise 6 something on the Jolly Roger mast...

10 cursed doubloons
  October 14

...And in the end, we need to drain 666 cups of rum dry! No-no, not bottles, but cups and cups only! Silver ones will suit perfectly, but bronze ones will also do well.

15 cursed doubloons

Important: new tasks will be getting unlocked once in 24 hours, at 12 p.m. UTC+3!

Valuable in-game gifts!

For 3 days only, from 12 p.m. UTC+3 12th of October until 12 p.m. UTC+3 15th of October, replenish your account and receive pirate gifts!

Attention! Presents will be sent to you not after the payment is complete, but until
16th of October, 8 p.m. UTC+3!


Amount of Gold


  from 100 up to 249 Gold 50 Prime Crystals + 5 cursed doubloons

from 250 up to 499 Gold

150 Prime Crystals + 15 cursed doubloons


from 500 up to 749 Gold

250 Prime Crystals + 1 random pirate talent + 40 cursed doubloons

from 750 up to 999 Gold

400 Prime Crystals + 2 random pirate talents + 60 cursed doubloons

from 1000 up to 1499 Gold

550 Prime Crystals + 3 random pirate talents + 75 cursed doubloons + pirate chest with a talent from the Pirate Adventures set, already upgraded up to 7 stars
  from 1500 Gold and above 750 Prime Crystals + 5 random pirate talents + 100 cursed doubloons + 2 pirate chests with a talent from the Pirate Adventures set, already upgraded up to 7 stars

Please notice!

  • Bonus Gold, received from runes or other promotions, does not count in this action;
  • You can receive any amount of gifts during the action is active;
  • The sum of the payments does not sum up, so if you want to receive the desired gift, please pay the necessary sum at once.

Do not miss the Pirate Weekend in Praya!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team