Patch 11.10.3

10 October 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The 11.10.3 update has been installed to all the game servers and the Heroes are ready to welcome their Lords and Ladies!



This nimble Hero underwent some major changes in the 11.10.3 update. Recently introduced ‘pirate’ subset has appeared to be a perfect match for Aviator, which made this Hero a lot more popular among the players. Besides, additional reinforcement that can be obtained from new upgrades of class talents, also allowed the Hero to unlock his potential in a battlefield. However, in some cases, particular talents or their combinations made him way too strong for the opponents.

For example, the attack range of his Strength build was quite large and, considering his deadly bullets, it became extremely difficult to battle him. At the same time, the Rain of Fire talent did not always deal the expected damage. Thus, the changes in the Strength build affected 2 talents at once.

Aimed fire and Explosive Shells

  • The increase of the speed of Aviator’s bullets was removed from the Aimed Fire ultimate ability, and applied to its upgraded version - Explosive Shells. Also, the extra range of basic attacks was reduced from 20% to 15%.

Rain of Fire

  • In some cases, the damage dealt by the use of the ability was inconsistent with the one in the description. In the 11.10.3 update this inconsistency has been resolved, and in order to limit the increase that the Hero get, the damage caused by the ability has been reduced from 15-176 to 15-117.


The Intellect version of the brave aeronaut’ build has not been neglected either. In order to make this build even more compatible, several talents at once underwent some changes.


Armor-Piercing Shells

  • From the moment the 11.10.3 update is introduced, this talent will be increasing Hero’s Cunning, based on Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater), and not just based on Strength, as it used to be. The same as for other Heroes, only Aviator’s basic characteristics, regardless of any status, will have effect on this talent.


  • The damage caused by the ultimate ability has been increased from 96-851 to 106-935, and outside the center of the explosion of the combat shells: from 41-364 to 45-401.

Tsar Bomb

  • The damage in the center of the explosion has been increased from 137-1275 to 151-1336.


In addition, the changes that affect Hero’s both builds have been made.


Instant Takeoff

  • From now on, learning of the talent will allow taking off instantly only as long as the flight will not exceed half of the maximum distance. In any other case, the takeoff preparation time will be reduced by 2 seconds.

Intensive Fire

  • The calculation of the Agility boost, when the ability is used, has been changed. The same as for other Heroes, only Hero’s basic characteristic, regardless of any status, will affect this talent.



New class talents upgrades made Vampire even more fearsome opponent. Sometimes it was true to such extent that facing him in a battle happened to be exceedingly difficult.

Therefore, some adjustment was required.

Eternal Hunger

  • From now on, once the upgrade was learnt, the passive ability, Unquenchable Thirst, will restore 90% Health (instead of 100%).

Serrated Blade

  • Now the talent will increase the damage dealt by Bloody Slash by 90% (instead of 100%). At the same time, the increase of Bloody Slash ability cooldown remains the same. Also, we will keep an eye on the ‘changed’ version of this talent to see how it will come up in the game.



Hero’s Ice Wall is still weaker than his dreadful fist.

Thus, the 11.10.3 update will make its use much more convenient.

Ice Wall

  • The size of the wall that the Hero creates has been increased by 25%, and the cooldown has been reduced by 10 seconds and now makes 50 seconds.
  • Also we addressed an issue that caused the wall to deal damage only in the targeted area. Now the damage will be dealt along the full length of the wall.


Amazon/ Archer

New class talents upgrades helped to unlock the Heroine’s battle potential. However, it has not been easy for her to face the most popular mid-lane Heroes yet.

The 11.10.3 update will add some bonuses to her class talents.

Rain of Arrows

  • Additional damage caused by the Flurry Strike ability has been increased from 10% to 15% .

A Step Forward

  • From now on, the shield will absorb 20% of damage, instead of 10% as it used to be.


  • The cast time of the ultimate ability has been reduced by 0.1 second and makes 0.4 seconds now. Also, the range of the damage caused by Bombardment has been increased.



The restoration of Heroine’s Health due to her class talent made her lane stage pretty easy, allowing to be almost unchallenged when fighting under enemy’s tower.

Power Surge

  • The restored Health points have been reduced from 150-1312 to 140-1222.


Sorcerer/ Mage

The Hero’s alternative ultimate is still weaker than its classic version.

In the 11.10.3 update, the mechanics of the upgrade of the ultimate ability has been changed and the graphic bug due to which the Hero could stay in a form of a demon till the end of the battle was fixed.

Demonic Power

  • Now, instead of slowing the enemies down, the Hero in his Demon Form would increase his speed by 40%.


  • The effect of this upgrade has been changed. Now, instead of the reduction of damage and the duration of the effect on the hostile creatures near the target by 50%, only the effect duration will be reduced by 25%.



The implementation of the class talents upgrades made the game much more enjoyable, especially when choosing the Heroine’s Strength build.

The 11.10.3 update brings changes for those who prefer Dryad’s Intellect build.

Ruinous Vine

  • From now on, the use of the ultimate ability will immobilize all the nearby foes, regardless of whether they are infected by spores or not. However, the damage will be dealt based on the number of effects produced by spores that are poisoning the foe.


Night Queen / Black Panther

The Heroine’s alternative ultimate made her significantly more popular among the players and allowed her to prove herself both in a forest and on a lane.

However, the action time of her ultimate ability combined with the fast cooldown granted her a huge advantage.

One Flesh

  • The duration of the effect of the ultimate ability was reduced from 10 seconds to 9 seconds.


An error due to which the Heroine could have stayed without her pet up until the end of the match was fixed.



With the 11.10.3 upgrade the animation of the Heroine’s Alchemical Circle has been improved.

Now the symbols inside the circle will be illuminated for the allies if Doctrine is close enough for instant transition.


The 11.10.3 update is altering many talents: both well-known and those that have been just recently introduced to Praya.


Pirate Adventures

New subset of talents that was introduced in the ‘Pirate Treasures’ action has grown in popularity rather quickly not least because of new bonuses that players got when they collected three talents.

At the same time, this bonus made some Heroes immensely strong due to their own talent improvements. The interaction of the Pirate Adventures subset and class talents that increase the attack range has been changed in the 11.10.3 update. Now, if any Hero has a talent that increases the range of their attack, the bonus of the pirate subset provides 15% increase instead of 20%.


Decisive Charge

Indispensable for many Heroes subset, which allows them to fulfill their potential on a battlefield even better, has also been modified in the 11.10.3 update. Before, the basic active talent instantly had a significant effect, and its upgrades were either not so useful or could have been learnt only at a pretty advanced stage of the game and therefore these upgrades were not represented in the builds of some Heroes.

Decisive Charge

  • Hero’s movement range was reduced.

Fatal Charge

  • Now, instead of dealing damage, the talent additionally increases the distance of Hero’s movement.

Furious Charge

  • The association of the talent with the Native Terrain has been removed. Now it increases the distance regardless of which terrain it is casted from.

Unbridled Rush

  • Instead of increasing the range of the blink, the learnt talent will allow the Hero to deal 320 points of magic damage in the location where they landed.

Blind Seer

This is another well known subset which is no longer popular at the battle field. Partially this is caused by the fact that the advantages of the subset were unfolded only after all three talents had been learnt. In order to bring back its significance, a bonus for learning of two talents of the subset was introduced in the 11.10.3 update.

  • Two learnt talents form the Blind Seer subset will now additionally increase by 4 Hero’s Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater.
  • Also, the icons for the Cunning of the Seer and Energy of the Seer talents were finalized.

Collector’s Habits

Some of the very first collectible talents were combined into a subset and as well as other subsets will provide bonuses for learning the talents. This subset will include: Frozen Vengeance, Forged in Cruelty, Colossal Potential, Spirit of Swiftness and Habitual Victory.

  • Starting with the 11.10.3 update, learning of two talents form the subset will add 2 points to all Hero’s characteristics.
  • Also an effect of one of the talents has been improved.

Frozen Vengeance

  • The damage dealt to an attacking foe is increased from 18 points to 36 points.



  • The animation of the effects demonstrated during the use of Hero’s class talents has been improved.


  • A bug due to which in some cases the Suffocation talent was not dealing damage has been fixed.


  • A graphic error due to which the Spear of Vengeance talent had a visual effect of the Righteous Anger talent even though the talent was not learnt has been fixed.

Fallen Lord

  • An issue due to which the Hero got stacks of Arsenal when destroying the lights has been dealt with.


  • A bug causing the Hero to swell up during the stun animation has been fixed.


  • Now, while the battle is loaded, the players can see an animation of the portrait.

Amulet of Nature

  • An error that was preventing the Heroes from restoring Health has been fixed.

Hero’s Frame Display

  • An issue that caused the display of an irrelevant Hero’s frame in the characteristics window has been fixed.

Your Prime World team