Crimson October!

03 October 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Same as the East wisemen, who are able to see the ocean in a drop of water, fortune-tellers from Praya are capable of predicting Heroes’ future by taking a look at the color od the fallen leaves.

So… What do we have here? Crimson red? Seems like legendary rewards are waiting for someone to claim them. And what are these white streaks? Probably, something very rare and valuable will be met along the way by the Heroes!

Crimson October!

A new global quest with rewards suitable for the most colorful month in autumn has launched today!

By passing through all the trials, you will not only be able to replenish your Treasuries and Libraries, but it will also be possible for you to receive White Runes, which will help you to change your Heroes’ ordinary looks!

What is more, this time, we considered your comments about the following issue: some players tend to forget that the main goal of the battle is victory, and completing the quest’s tasks is an ordinary activity, not vice versa. That’s why we decided to limit the tasks in a way that will complement your concerns.

For example, Heroes, who stand on lines, usually kill about 150 soldiers per battle. By keeping in mind some of the matches’ specifics, we decided to limit the number of counted soldiers kills per match by 250.





Gather 1.500.000 Prime 

  • 120 Legendary  Crystals
  • 15 White Runes
  • 5 Legendary chests with talents, upgraded to from 5 up to 7 stars

Kill 5000 enemy soldiers (no more than 250 per fight are counted)


Slay 50 Kittons/Fire Drakes
(no more than 2 per battle)


Provide 50 assists

You will have 3 weeks to complete the quest: it will last until 12 p.m. UTC+3 22nd of October.


  • If you change the language the game is running on, the quest progress will be wiped.  
  • The quest is designed as one task with a several subtasks. It means that you will need to complete all of them in order to receive the reward.

What is more, you can be working on completing a few conditions in one battle  - for example, kill 200 soldiers, gather 3000 Prime and provide 15 assists - and all of those will be counted in the overall score.

Collect the crimson rewards!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team