Autumn Winds!

21 September 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Autumn is continuing to color Praya with its colors, and the cold wind is slowly getting inside your Castles, bringing the smell of wet leaves, which covered your yards with numerous layers. This weekend, you will have an opportunity to find valuable prizes in them!

Crystal Shards hunt!

Today the first task from the chain of quests has appeared in your Castles. If you complete all the tasks, you will be able to receive Crystal Shards and Crystals themselves - both Prime ones and Legendary ones!





Deal 35.000 damage to enemy Heroes

2 Legendary Crystals + 5 Crystal Shards


Kill Kitton/Fire Drake 5 times

3 Legendary Crystals + 10 Crystal Shards

Kill 300 enemy soldiers

3 Legendary Crystals + 5 Prime Crystals + 30 Crystal Shards

New tasks will become available once in a day, at 12 p.m. UTC+3.

Hurry up to replenish your supplies!

Your Prime World Team