Pirate Treasures

12 September 2018

All hands on deck!

September is finally here, bringing new discoveries and knowledge. Today we would like to tell you about an unusual holiday the inhabitants of Praya had heard of not so long ago - on 19th of September, they are going to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Heroes were unable to pass on such a funny and bright event and decided to join the celebration.

And a Pirate Day won’t be a Pirate Day without treasure hunting, aye, rookies? Starting with today, a new promotion is active at the full-screen UI. Pirate-themed one, of course, — with blackjack and doubloons! — with prizes a true pirate can only dream of: new legendary collectible talents, new unique pirate skin and chests with treasures!

And now, the time has come for us to tell a little more about how to participate in the action and find the treasure.

— Are you ready kids?
— Aye-Aye, Captain.
— I can't hear you!
— Aye-Aye, Captain!

Pirate Treasures!

The type of the action Pirate Treasures belongs to is quite similar to the First Awards Ceremony promotion. Sparkly ‘cursed doubloons’ were added to the usual rewards gained per fight. Their drop chance depends on the achievements points you receive in battles. By the way, the first victory bonus does affect the doubloons drop chance! First victory per day will bring you a lot of doubloons! And, of course, active Golden Age will double the number of doubloons you receive, same as with the other rewards you gain in battles.

— How can I spend the event coins?

You will be able to exchange the doubloons for talents in the already familiar full-screen UI. Same as in the First Awards Ceremony promotion, there are 2 types of exchange available in the Pirate Treasures:

  • first one: exchange the doubloons for talents! One of the talents from the new collectible subset will cost you 30 doubloons!
  • second one: some sort of ‘pirate roulette’. If you’ve already collected a decent amount of doubloons and ready to take a risk, you can test your luck and receive the talent from the new collectible subset, upgraded up to 6 or even 7 stars!

By putting one of your talents and 30 doubloons at stake, you will receive a chest with one of the following rewards:

  • Prime Crystals
  • Talent from the new pirate subset, upgraded up to 6 stars
  • Talent from the new pirate subset, upgraded up to 7 stars
  • New collectible skin for Duelist - charismatic Corsair! (if Duelist is not hired, you will receive him for free if you got the skin)


— Can I receive the ‘Pirate Treasures’ subset talents any other way?

This subset is a collectible one, such as ‘Scary Time’, for example. This means that the primary method of receiving talents from the subset is through participating in the promotion. You can already see ‘Pirate Treasures’ subset in the Talent Collection, however, the quests which will help you receive these talents will become available later.

— How long will the action be active?

The new action, where you will have to trace and hunt Pirate Treasures, will last for about a month.

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of Prime! Become the most well-known pirate in Praya!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team