Patch 11.10.2

12 September 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The 11.10.2 update was installed to the game servers and Heroes are ready to welcome their Lords and Ladies!

New action in the full-screen interface!

Today in your Castles you can find new, thematic, ‘pirate’ action. In many respects, its mechanics are similar to the First Award Ceremony promotion.

Speaking of the rewards, this time, you will be able to get new collectible talents, both ‘common’, as well as those ‘upgraded’ from 6 to 7 stars – for the luckiest and most persistent players.

You will find all the details of participation in the promotion here.

New Talents

The 11.10.2 update introduces new subset of talents to Praya: ‘Pirate Adventures’! It will work in accordance with familiar and well-loved principle, where player gets passive bonuses for learning two or three talents from the subset.

Two learned talents learned will give a boost to Hero’s Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater. For learning the third talent Hero will get a bonus, which has never existed in Praya before! Melee heroes will get a 15% chance to evade enemy’s attacks, and ranged Heroes will increase their attack range by 20%.

Captain's Vision

  • Required row: III
  • Prime-cost of learning: 675
  • Increases Intellect by 10

Angler's Power

  • Required row: III
  • Prime-cost of learning: 675
  • Increases Strength by 10

Boarder Spirit

  • Required row: IV
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825
  • Increases Agility by 13

Rascal’s Resourcefulness

  • Required row: IV
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825
  • Increases Cunning by 13

Boatswain's Toughness

  • Required row: V
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1160
  • Increases Stamina by 19

Pirate Fortune

  • Required row: V
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1160
  • Increases Will by 19

Please note!

  • This subset of talents is collectible and therefore at the moment it can not be created at the Forge/Talent Garden or obtained through the Talent Collection.

You can indulge your Heroes with new talents only by participating in the new action - Pirate Treasures.

Forge / Talent Garden

Along with the 11.10.2 update, two pleasant functional changes were introduced in the Forge / Garden talents.

Saving the Upgrade Level during reforging

Starting with this version of the game, there a new type of reforging is available at the Forge, which allows you to keep the current level of the talent upgrade. Also, you’ll have a chance to try your luck and turn one of the upgraded talents you already own into the one that you particularly need!

At that we are keeping the main feature of getting the talent, upgraded for 6 or more stars — the complete randomness of the talent that you get! The number of stars will be the same as with the reforged talent, while the talent itself will be picked up randomly from all the talents of this rarity. Using such a reforging method, you won’t get a chance to upgrade the rarity of the talent (the upgraded 7* “orange” can’t be turned into upgraded “red”).

Thus, you will be able, on one hand, to reforge the talents which, thanks to their upgrades, are more valuable on their own, but are not suitable for certain builds or Heroes. On the other hand, the overall principle of build creation complexity from talents, upgraded to 6-7 stars, will remain untouched. The element of randomness will make the process of making a build a difficult, but exciting task!


Standard reforging

Reforging keeping the upgrade level

  An ability to upgrade the talent rarity The talent remains in the same rarity
  A possibility of choosing a certain set You will receive a random talent, same as when opening a chest.

The cost of reforging will depend both on the rarity of the talent and on its upgrade level:


Rarity/Upgrade level

Special Talents

Exclusive talents

Legendary talents


1 Prime Crystal 6 Prime Crystals 6 Legendary Crystals


2 Prime Crystals 7Prime Crystals 7 Legendary Crystals


3 Prime Crystals

9 Prime Crystals

9 Legendary Crystals


3 Prime Crystals 12 Prime Crystals 12 Legendary Crystals


5 Prime Crystals 15 Prime Crystals 15 Legendary Crystals


5 Prime Crystals 30 Prime Crystals 30 Legendary Crystals


5 Prime Crystals 50 Prime Crystals 50 Legendary Crystals


Please note!

  • If, during the reforging, you select a set and put several talents into the Forge, all the already upgraded talents will not be reforged.

Change of the price of creating legendary talents

Another equally pleasant change is the reduction of price of reforging exclusive talents into legendary ones. Today red crystals are quite valuable, while exclusive talents are quite easy to get in daily quests and as rewards in battles.


Therefore, the cost of creating legendary talents was changed. Now, in order to create one legendary talent, you will need 5 exclusive talents and 8 legendary crystals (instead of 3 exclusive talents and 10 legendary crystals).

Daily Quests

Starting with the 11.10.2 update, it will be even easier to get legendary crystals!

The reward of the third stage of daily quests has been increased, and now you can get 2 legendary crystals instead of one. Here is a reminder of the rewards that you can get in the first, second and updated third stage:


First Stage

1 Legendary Crystal

  Second Stage

3 Prime Crystals + one of following rewards:

  • 12 talents which are effective for upgrading other talents
  • 3 exclusive talents
  • 25 000 of Silver
  Third Stage 2 legendary crystals (instead of 1, as it used to be) + 5 Crystal shards + 5 Prime Crystals    


In the 11.10.2 update, the reward for the second victory over Kitton was increased.

  • Now it increases Hero’s Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 7 (instead of 5).



In the right hands, this Heroine is one of the strongest support Heroes, as her buffs are able to significantly strengthen her entire team. However, her build as of the attacking Heroine was not easy to use efficiently.

And in the 11.10.2 update, her ‘aggressive’ build was enhanced.

  • The boost of Agility was increased by 0.1

Angelic Light

  • The damage caused by this talent increased up to 48 – 423 (it used to be 40 - 352).



One of the Heroine’s new class talents upgrades has immediately found a lot of fans, making her even more popular among the players. The second one - Chill - was quite rare to meet.

Therefore, the mechanic of this talent was changed.


  • In the original version, the enemies attaching Cryo received a debuff, which reduced the damage of their basic attacks for 3 seconds. Now this skill will constantly protect the Heroine. After learning the talent, all damage to Cryo will be reduced by 25%.



From the moment of his appearance in Praya, this Hero could easily gain superiority over his opponent on the line due to the possibility of dealing significant damage to one target. The advantage that his katar gave him was sometimes so big that it almost did not his opponent any chances to win.

Ritual Strike

  • The damage caused by this talent was reduced to 114-1005 (it used to be 120 - 1058).

Also a bug, due to which the Leap of Faith talent could start recharging without being used was fixed.


Brawler / Meijin

Hero's alternative ultimate quickly became popular and almost completely replaced the old version of the build with Black Tornado ultimate ability. Its popularity is largely based on the duration of the action, because few Heroes are able to get out alive from such a long stun.

Such a strong advantage made the ganks too simple, leaving no chance for the enemy Hero to break out of Brawler’s grasp.


  • The ultimate’s time of ation was reduced and now it makes 2,5 sec (instead of 3)



This Heroine’s alternative ultimate appeared to be not quite competitive. While Raven’s survival capacity was high, not so many players were ready to sacrifice the damage inflicted by the Heroine for the sake of survival abilities.

Therefore, in the 11.10.2 update Vortex mechanics were changed.

Fiery Vortex

  • Now, during the time the ultimate ability is active, the Heroine is able to use talents. Damage dealt by the talent has been increased by 10%, and its range - by 20%.

Also, the animation speed of her Blaze ability was increased by 20%.



  • The bug which activated the use of the Crossbow Shot talent by clicking on the icon of the enemy Hero was fixed.
  • A bug which caused hero’s invisibility removal every time the Lightning Reflexes talent was used in now fixed. Also, a bug which interrupted Hero’s movement every time he used his Unseen Pursuer ultimate ability, was fixed.


  • A bug that caused the use of Demonic Power ultimate to reset the cooldown of use of scrolls and other items was fixed.

Legendary Portents

  • An issue that prevented Hero from getting new characteristics after learning 2 talents from the set was fixed.

Your Prime World Team