Chests at the Fair!

07 September 2018

Lords and Ladies!

During the whole Summer you were able to receive new chests with already upgraded talents as a reward for participating in different actions. You were able to spot these valuables in traditional quests, being added to usual rewards. They had also made it to the shelves of the merchants’ stores at the Fair during actions and sales.

The chests granted Lords and Ladies a lot of exciting minutes in anticipation of their opening - because both the talent you were receiving and the level of its upgrade are random. However we received a lot of comments from players who missed these actions and were unable to receive the desirable chests. Today, in order to make everyone a little bit happier, we are bringing another nice surprise into the game!

Chests at the Fair

As you already know, there are new thing appearing in Praya once in a while, for example, Crystal Shards or Traveller’s Badges. And, of course, the new entities appear at the Fair after some time - because this is the place where the merchants are selling all the goods your heart may desire!

After the first appearance of chests upgraded up to more than 5 stars in the game, enough days have passed in order for the merchants to arrange deliveries of them. And starting with today, the chests are added to the regular rotation at the Fair!

The chance to meet them among the other offers is the same as the legendary talents’, and the range of prices is equal to:

  • exclusive chest - 50-75 Prime Crystals
  • legendary chest - 100-150 Prime Crystals

Find the talent of your desire at the Fair!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team