A new reforging method coming soon!

05 September 2018


As you know, we are having the brand new prizes in Praya since Spring — chests with talents, already upgraded for more than 5 stars. During these months the chests of different rarity (with upgraded “purple”, “orange” and “red” talents) can be obtained in many different campaigns — in text quests (including the current promotion - The nest without birds, in football action, special quests, in Clan Shops and at the Fair.

At that, of course, the creation of the whole build of such talents should not be too simple — in this we agree with your concerns. Thus, regarding getting the upgraded talent, everything depends on luck and karma, and the exact number of upgrade stars and the talent itself are defined randomly.

As a result, within the last months, some of you could’ve got several talents with a good upgrade in stars, which you couldn’t use in battle, yet. And, otherwise, some desired talent never dropped out from the chest. And there’s been more and more suggestions to let the players switch one talent for another.

And today we are glad to announce one of the novelties, which is going to appear with the next update!

Reforging keeping the talent upgrade

Starting from 11.10.2 update, there will be available the new type of reforging in the Forge — keeping the current level of the talent upgrade. Now you’ll have a chance to try your luck and turn one of the upgraded talents you already own into the one that you particularly need!

At that we are keeping the main feature of getting the talent, upgraded for 6 or more stars — the complete randomness of the talent that you get! The number of stars will be the same as with the reforged talent, while the talent itself will be picked up randomly from all the talents of this rarity. Using such a reforging method, you won’t get a chance to upgrade the rarity of the talent (the upgraded 7* “orange” can’t be turned into upgraded “red”).

Thus, you will be able, on one hand, to reforge the talents which, thanks to their upgrades, are more valuable on their own, but are not suitable for certain builds or Heroes. On the other hand, the overall principle of build creation complexity from talents, upgraded to 6-7 stars, will remain untouched. The element of randomness will make the process of making a build a difficult, but exciting task!


Standard reforging

Reforging keeping the upgrade level


An ability to upgrade the talent rarity

The talent remains in the same rarity


A possibility of choosing a certain set

You will receive a random talent, same as when opening a chest

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Prime World team