Salvation and punishment

31 August 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The beginning of September is the best time to embark on a new adventure. Today we decided to introduce a new chain of quests in to the game. You will have to solve puzzles before completing the tasks!

Salvation and punishment

Today, the first task from the chain of quests has appeared in the game.

You will be able to complete all assignments will be active until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) 3rd of September.





The first thing the scouts discovered is a trampled glade close to the old Arsenal. Maybe we shall take a closer look at it? Or... not?

1 day of Golden Age


Do you think that these trampled stones shouldn't have been found at a place in the woods so far from the campfire, my Lord? And with some scratches on them... This is definitely the second hint!

10 legendary crystals

  Of course, there is no way to deal with things without entering dungeons! My Lord, we need to put something into the hands of these ancient statuettes. If we do not make it, the entrance won't open up. I think I've seen something suitable for this in the Borderlands... 50 crystal shards

Completion of these tasks will bring prosperity to your Lordship. Golden Age and other valuable rewards are waiting for you to come and claim them!

As you can see, the chain consists of 3 tasks, and the conditions of their completion are encrypted in riddles. Solve them, complete the quests and receive the rewards!

Please note: New tasks are being launched at 12 p.m. UTC+3 once per day. So, you will have to wait until you are able to complete the next task after you’ve completed one.

Decipher the writings in the scrolls and receive valuable prizes!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team