Fiery weekend at the Fair!

24 August 2018

Lords and Ladies!

During the last weekend of Summer, the merchants decided to greet the upcoming Autumn by filling their stores with some fiery goods. For 3 days only, Lords and Ladies will be able to purchase any talent of their desire from the whole variety of legendary and exclusive talents (including collectible ones, which are not usually available). Even exclusive and legendary chests with talents upgraded up to from 5 to 7 stars can be found at the Fair during this weekend!

And in order to make the search for the desirable item even easier, the merchants took all the purple talents and all the resources down from the shelves of their stores!

Action at the Fair

For 3 days only, from 12 p.m. UTC+3 24th of August until 12 p.m. UTC+3 27th of August, Fiery weekend is flickering at the Fair!

  • Legendary and exclusive talents upgraded up from 5 to 7 stars!
    • Exclusive chest - from 50 to 75 Prime Crystals
    • Legendary chest - from 100 to 150 Prime Crystals
  • Talents from all 7 legendary sets are available for purchase at the Fair! Meaning that you will be able to find “dragon” and “touch” talents among many other talents and sets, which are not available at the Fair usually.
  • Collectible talents at the Fair! You will be able to find talents from the Blinding Glory and Terrible Time subsets, spinners, and special legendary talents on the shelves!
  • Special talents and resources were removed from the stores - only the most valuable offers are left remaining at the Fair!
  • Assortment renewal will cost only 500 Silver. And, as it usually happens during our actions at the Fair, the slots you’ve already purchased from do not burn out!

Replenish your talent collection!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team