Stalker - skilled fighter is in your Castles

22 August 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Merciless Stalker has already arrived at the Castles and is ready to show his incredible skills. His remorseless blade will make any enemy suffer great pain, and his accurate crossbow bolts will catch up with everyone who will try to hide from his anger.


Stalker's talents

Weapon Master

The Hero’s passive skill makes him even more dangerous. Thanks to it, Stalker’s class talents diminish the wounded enemy’s Will or Stamina, whichever the greater, while his auto attacks are stealing the enemy’s Health.

Decisive Thrust

The Hero’s first active skill allows him to move rapidly through the battlefield, doing damage to all of the enemies, who dared to stand on his way.


With the talent improvement learned, Stalker increases his Stamina for some time after using the talent.

Crossbow Shot

The second active skill is reckoned upon the Hero’s Accuracy. It allows firing an arrow in the chosen direction, reaching the enemy even at a long distance. And the further the distance is, the more damage the arrow deals.


With the upgrade inserted in a build, the shot will additionally stun the victim.

Lightning Reflexes

This skill allows the Hero to move even quicker through the battlefield. Using this skill, Stalker is able to not only speed up well, but also to reduce “crossbow shot”’ talent cooldown.


With the talent improvement learned, the skill use will release the Hero from all of the negative effects.

Disarming Maneuver

The first ultimate ability is based upon a brand new mechanic, which has never been used by any other Hero or talent in Praya! All enemies, located within the skill action range, will be disarmed and unable to use the auto attack. Their speed of movement will also be reduced.


Talent improvement in a build additionally increases Stalker’s Agility for a couple of seconds.

Unseen Pursuer

The second ultimate allows Hero to disguise himself. It will make him invisible for enemies until Stalker deals or receives damage.


Talent improvement in a build sufficiently increases damage dealt by the Hero’s skills for some time after unveiling.

Please, welcome – deadly and elusive – Stalker is already in your Castles!