Update 11.10.1

22 August 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The 11.10.1 Update has been installed to all the game servers, Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!

The new Hero!

The relentless Stalker has already arrived at the Castles and is ready to serve to you!

The Hero appeared in the Castles with two ultimates already, each of them revealing one of the completely different ‘integrations’ and corresponding to a certain playing style.

Just as it happened with all of the previous Heroes, there are three ways of hiring Stalker:

  • Making a seven-day chain of tasks, upon completion of which you’ll be able to hire him for 750 000 Silver. The first task in the chain will be available today at 12:00 (UTC+3) and the last will be opened on 29th of August. After completing the last task, you’ll get access to the quest, where you’ll be able to hire Hero for Silver.
  • Standard way of Stalker hiring (purchase for Silver without necessity to complete the quest) will be available for all players 25+ of the Castle level, starting from 5th of September.
  • There’s also an option to hire Stalker for 299 Gold right away.

With the new Hero released, price for hiring Dryad is brought down — 500 000 Silver and 199 Gold.

Clan wars

The 11.10.1 Update brings many new useful features to Clan Wars and the rewards for them!

Rewards for top Clans

From now on, Clans Wars will get even more intense! Starting from 11.10.1 Update the place in the Clan rating table can bring you an additional reward.

  • 20 of the most active members of the Clan, winning the first place, get the chest with legendary talent, upgraded from 5 to 7 stars.
  • 20 of the most active members of the Clan, getting into rating top 10, obtain the chest with legendary talent, upgraded from 4 to 6 stars.
  • 20 of the most active members of the Clan, getting into rating ‘top-50’, obtain the chest with exclusive talent, upgraded from 5 to 7 stars.

Clan shop

You can also notice some nice changes about the goods in the Clan Shop. Now all the chests with talents are brought to one shop level lower, while at the very top level, you may now find a new chest. There will be the legendary talent inside this chest, upgraded from 5 to 7 stars!

We have also added one more buff, increasing Clan Points obtained within the battle — ‘Battle Logistics II’. For 5 days, it multiplies tactics and strategy points, received in the battles, by 200%. Just as all other buffs, it can’t be summed up: from two ‘Battle logistics’ applied only the most useful will be active.


For your convenience, we have added a new option into talents’ filter, by applying which you’ll be able to see the talents upgraded for more than 5 stars in your collection.


Prince of Thieves/Duelist

The new class talents’ upgrades have made the Hero even more dangerous on the battlefield. However, sometimes it’s not that easy to completely expose all his capabilities.

In the 11.10.1 Update his talents have been additionally upgraded.

Special Composition

  • The time for enemies’ stun around the target is increased up to 0.5 seconds (previously, it lasted for 0.3).

Fair Game

  • From now on, the damage is calculated based upon the highest from Strength and Intellect (used to be Intellect only).

Grim cocktail

  • After learning this upgrade, the damage from Unfair battle talent will be dealt to not only the pointed target, but also to all the enemies around it.


Fallen Lord

From the moment of his appearance in Praya, this Hero has taken a solid position on the battlefield. However, even after several fixes, his contribution to the battle outcome was too high.


  • The damage that each stack is able to absorb was decreased down to 18-213 (used to be 20 - 236)


  • The time of total ultimative ability performance was decreased down to 2.7 seconds (used to be 3), giving the Hero less protection stacks.



The changes in the 11.10 update helped controlling Heroine’s integrations and brought her Strength version back to the battlefield. However, the speed Katana could kill soldiers with, gave her excessive advantage, allowing to gather Prime too quickly.

Tiger Jump

  • The damage dealt by this skill was decreased and is now equal to 40 - 352 (used to be 47 - 410).
  • The bug, as a result of which Heroine could not jump up to the stated point in some cases, was also eliminated.


Forest Symbol

  • One of the oldest sets for casters is no longer as popular as it used to be. In the 11.10.1 Update damage, dealt by this set, was increased up to 20%.

Treacherous Flame

  • At this moment, ‘burner’ mostly helps short-range combat Heroes pushing packs quicker, having almost no impact towards enemy Heroes. And in order to raise its efficiency, in the 11.10.1 update the damage dealt by the set was increased up to 13%.


By our Chilean players’ demand, we’ve added the new ‘Chile’ flag in the 11.10.1 Update.


Fiery Guard

  • The bug, which has made fireflies invincible in some cases, has been eliminated.


  • The graphic error in ‘Defeating Squall’ talent description has been fixed.

Dense Captivity

  • The bug, causing the barrier to disappear before the end of set effective time, has been eliminated.

Always yours,
Prime World team